Invisible disability insanity

I'm reading this book on fibromyalgia which I'm planning to do a review on so no point specifically talking about it, but I'm reading parts talking about the author addressing directly the reasons other medical professions do not believe in fibromyalgia as a diagnosis. Despite all the evidence of course. Despite all the research. I mean clearly there are specific indications of things going wrong with neurotransmitters and hormones and the sleep cycle and so forth. But what? It may be something else? It may be it is another condition altogether. It may be it may be it may be. Some of the reasons are purely idiotic when faced with this evidence considering the prevalence of the syndrome all over the world (not just Western civilization or the wealthy or what-freakin-ever). Diagnostically sure there is no blood test or x-ray that can say there you go, right there it shows you definitely have FM, but that can be said for many conditions and there is a framework for FM which apparently they disagree with even though it was designed the same way as many other frameworks. It isn't a new syndrome by any means either and even if it was that just means the cause is becoming more common which isn't so unreasonable. I mean when someone has a headache there is no way to verify it, but we know headaches exist... there is no blood work, x-ray or CAT scan that can prove it but I would say more people would be familiar with the phenomena. We have a syndrome with specific widespread pain, specific main symptoms and other symptoms that can be part of the syndrome. We know from research what is happening even if we don't know the specific cause.

Yet you cannot see it. So what? What is the obsession with this?? The criteria for diagnosis is difficult and that is why it takes so long to confirm... but there is specific things going on in the body that cannot be denied. Inside where you cannot see them, where you cannot measure them with a simple little blood test. So it is a little more complex for your simple simple mind. If it is too hard to understand stick to diagnosing the common cold and let the big boys handle the big problems you freaking moron. We don't need doctors like you. Maybe when your narrow minded ass retires we can get somewhere. It seriously disgusts me that this attitude would still be around it the medical community. The more I read the more pissed I got that there were doctors actually saying this crap and since the response to it is so easy you have to wonder if these doctors are so insistent it doesn't exist because they said so from back in the early days of research and are too stubborn to admit they are wrong, or that they are seriously that dumb that they do not realize how idiotic their arguments are (I guess doctors would make poor philosophers if they can't even formulate a proper argument with valid reasons for it... and not just stupid statements for no reason).

I get it from everyone else. Seeing is believing. Pain is subjective. People do not get chronic pain. And fibromyalgia is really hard to explain since there is no cause and it is wide spread muscle pain... but the cause is in the brain, and there are so many associated symptoms... and anyway, somewhere along the way the explanation becomes complex and scientific and you lose most people. Assuming you don't have fibro fog and lose yourself while trying to explain it. Most often I still to the basics. Its chronic pain, and pain is in the brain, its a syndrome with numerous symptoms including fatigue, sleep dysfunction and fibro fog. Hit the main points and stop while you are ahead. But even if people accept the condition, and there is more awareness of it, people still make odd judgements or have bias or there is workplace discrimination, or there is insane issues if you ever, ever try to get disability. I've simply never tried myself because the thought of fighting that battle just makes me want to curl up in a ball and make the world go away. I've heard too many horror stories. But most of us want to work and most of us do work. I certain have and did until the chronic migraines, a comorbid condition from hell (and a common one due to central sensitization). Point is, we either are invisible, because we don't talk about it, we wear a facade of well being and don't tell anyone we have FM for fear of discrimination ( and that is a very good fear to have in the workplace). Or we understand why people do not fully comprehend the condition because of the subjective nature of pain and the fact we show no visible features of being disabled (excluding a severe flare like when I shuffle very slowly and can't lift my feet or move my hips much and people stare at me funny because I look so young and fit yet I'm barely walking... good times).

But from doctors it is insulting and hurtful. First they are taking away that validation we got when we Finally got diagnosed. When Finally we had an answer. If they take that away then what they hell do we have and how the hell do you treat it? I'd like them to fill in that gap. Some of them think we are nuts. And that is just insulting. First of all if depression is what I have instead of FM... then I have been severely depressed since I was a child, even though I have been quite happy most of my life... since I am an early onset and slow onset FM type... how does that explain that? You'd think I'd know I was depressed for that length of time, especially the decades when I was really quite happy. What form of depression is that? Maybe I suffered from anxiety? Oh wait I have never suffered from anxiety.  But worse... I have depression now, or at least my shirnk say a depression associated with my level of pain, directly correlated to my pain levels... some idiot doctor would go 'ah ha you have depression so you much be depression not have FM' and then I'd have to stab him with a pencil. Another one says that we have no problems at all, just a low tolerance to pain... and who ever that idiot is I hope we gets FM and we see how he tolerates it. Studies show we have the same tolerance psychologically, just how physically threshold is lower because of the physical differences in our neurotransmitters as noted in the actual evidence they seem to not care to read.

I can't believe they are still bickering over this and because of it we get less funding, less acceptance in the medical community and less research. It has got to stop. And what does that mean for us as patients? Are we supposed to interrogate our doctors? Quiz them on their beliefs and knowledge of FM before we see them? Carry around a briefcase with the research in it so we can verify our syndrome to them?

This has seriously got to be the worst Invisible Disability ever. When even some narrow-minded doctors are all like well I don't believe it exists. When we encounter such a doctor we should say:

A) what a coincidence I don't think your mind exists. I have research that proves FM does. So prove to me your mind exists.
B) Okay, so if we ignore all the research and evidence for whatever reason because you have an unfounded belief... then tell me what causes a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h,,i,j,k,l,m,n,o and p. Give me a new diagnosis please. Plus I also have these separate conditions comorbid with whatever that new condition is a, b, and c. So have luck with that little puzzle. Oh... and I'm not depressed.
C) That is an interesting belief that you have there. It obviously means nothing to me, so I'll see myself out. I believe when I leave the room you'll cease to exist, so let's hope my belief is right and yours is wrong.
D) Funny thing about belief is that is not based on facts. So I have some facts about FM, such as what is going on in the brain, hormones and sleep cycle. I would like you to now tell me that if it is not FM what is causing those biological changes.

and finally

E) your are an arsehat. That is all.

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