The Hermit is venturing into the wilderness.

Where I will find a cave, make it a home and rant about random crazy things like hermits do.... no, wait, thats not it... what was it now?

Oh yeah,

I'm going Camping! Now keep in mind I WANT to go camping even though I know it will be painful. However, I have tried to make it as painless as possible and this is my first trial run to see how it goes. If it goes well, then more camping, if not then I may have to tweak it. It just to see how much pain we are talking about here. Just moderate pain that I can handle or more than that which would compramise all the funness of it?

1) first thing I did is add one of those foam things you add to your bed to add to our blow up mattress. I learned the just the blow up mattress, which feels fine when you lay one it will actually cause every tender point in your fibro body to ignite on fire. And you will not want to move... ever. So the foamy thing is to prevent that. It might work.

2) got my specs and my hat and sunblock to help block the evil, evil light.

3) got all my meds, and a good amount of pain meds just in case.

4) we are camping in a groun with all the amenities and not in the boonies... and this is a big deal if you have fibro with IBS-D and migraines that can flare up IBS-D and/or severe nausea.

5) and all my electronics and a couple books to keep this raging insomniac entertained.

It is only for three days.  So a good trial run for me.  And it should be fun.  We are visiting with family as well. 
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