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Approaching the line...

Almost time to see the new neuro. I wish he was a genius. I bet he isn't but I can wish. Problem is I think chronic migraines are all tangled up with fibromyalgia... expecially the more I research about fibromyalgia and how it functions neurologically. Problem is neurologists have no interest in fibromyalgia. They should. Clearly it is their field. But people are still stuck on all the old terms and all the old definitions and all the old crapola. So I don't expect him to know much of anything about fibromyalgia or comingle treatments or even consider the syndrome as a serious contributing factor. It is obviously a serious contributing factor. There is the huge issue with sleep, the lack of, that triggers migraines for me and pain causing me not to sleep... and that cycle of hell. There is the heightened sensitivity to light and sound and my enviroment that makes triggering a migraine so easy and really makes me photophobic all the time. There is the very nature of how FM works by intensifying pain, by not dampening pain signals, that make it likely to be the contributing factor that made me leap from episodic to chronic in the first place. Then there is the problems with medications and treatments.

Then there are Symptoms. Symptoms concern me a great deal. A neuro looking at migraines always sees migraines. Just like when I go to the doctor for any damn thing they say 'oh thats just FM' and don't do a damn thing about it. Each has their little box to put things under. But what if something can potentially belong in both boxes? Or another box entirely? Like the nerve damage in my hand? Could have been caused by a crazy status migraine from hell. Could be a comorbid FM thing. Could be a symptom of something else altogether. But the neuro went for migraines and thought no more on it, without testing further. Same thing with my intense vertigo episodes. Could be migraine associated vertigo. Yep. I have all the markers for that. Although that is an odd phenomena in itself since it does not fit with regular criteria. And odd that I keep getting neruological symptoms that are occuring with or without the actual migraines. And again its not like he tested for it. And... and... it could be an FM thing. Vertigo, balance issues, dizziness, perceutual nuttiness... all that can occur with FM. So why did it get so much worse? Well I got very sick for one. That made it worse. And motion triggers it. And I do have very bad VS which makes things look like they are moving and warping which also does not help. And I've been sleep deprived and that also is triggering it. So it being worse could just be a symptom getting worse... FM gets worse. But again, hard to say when no balance testing was done. Now since no one bothered to do any testing at all that whole being very sick thing, where I had gotten a very bad flu could mean all that vertigo could be an inner ear issue and have nothing to do with FM box or migraine box. Or it could be Ménière's disease which actually I have heard many people with FM have and would explain the ringing in the ears and the periodic hearing loss. I get disgusted with assumptions. And they always make assumptions. The SERC med my doc gave me actually is for Ménière's disease ironically, so if I have that I'm being treated for it, but unfortunately I can't really take it because it really hurts my stomach... as does anything with a slight chance of a side effect of hurting my stomach, even with food. But it does work by the way... even when I don't feel that intense vertigo and I take it in order to drive so as to Not feel that horrific vertigo SERC makes me feel more stable and straightens out the world. I have not taken it enough to see how effective it would be for a more severe attack because seriously that stomach pain is unpleasant.

If this neuro would actually Look and test those two symtoms to see what they hell is going on then I'll be ahead of the game. And maybe a vertigo medication that will not cause such pain is my stomach would be nice. Or maybe I should consider taking that med to heal my stomach again? Which was damaged by another doctor. Yeah. Sometimes they do more damage that good. Then there is the VS symptoms which are equally problamatic.... and my other neuro did try to help with that but it is just as bad or worse now with all the Movement and Spinning. Honestly I feel drunk. Maybe I should just get drunk and it will counter the drunkedness to stabalize it all? lol. Not likely.

Anyway, why do they think they just Know? My doctor never thinks he just Knows. He always sends me for tests and when he doesn't know he sends me to specialists. Specialists just think they know. Or at least the ones I have seen lately. I mean just because your theory sounds right and logical doesn't mean it is in the right box. Back in the day I had symptoms that All sounded like FM... and I thought I was just flaring like hell, but my doctor at the time suspected something was up and sent me for bloodwork and discovered I had hypothyrodism. Go figure. The symptoms are similar, the hypothyroidsm just made me feel worse is all.

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