Migraine dreaming

So when I have a full blown migraine, for days, and go to sleep, generally I'm not going to really sleep for long. It is a sporadic, interrupted sleep. But I do dream, and wake, and dream, and wake.

When I was working this led to a lot of sleep deprivation and sleep deprivation led to sleep paralysis episodes. Often when I had one sleep paralysis episode in the middle of the night it would lead to several. What would happen is I would wake up in the middle of the night, like every night, but I'd be 'stuck' between wake and sleep where your body is still unable to move but I would be conscious of the fact. It is freaky and I have talked about it before. I usually just shake myself awake... generally violently shake myself awake because when you are in this between state sometimes you have these sensations of dreams while awake. Like there is someone in the room. Like someone is staring at you. Like someone is grabbing you. Or squeezing you. Or phantom sensations. Freaky stuff. So you wake up, wake up. Then you shake it off and you go back to sleep. And usually it happens again. And over and over. Sometimes in between you get weird dreams that are just 'not right'. Where things feel wrong. Look wrong. Darker, shadowy. And you know you are dreaming and you know it just isn't right and you force yourself awake... and back into the sleep paralysis state apparently. It is one of the things I hate about sleep deprivation. It is not something I could do anything about. You just sort of have to function on little sleep, but little sleep does weird things over time. And maybe that is why I had those strange seizure things too because I have not had them since.  Point is lack of sleep causes migraines and weird dreams and weird sleep patterns.

Pain also causes weird dreams. Pain alone can affect your dreams in weird ways. Not always obviously. I dream frequently and most of them are actually rather odd and mystery orientated adventure stories. I very rarely dream about actual people I know or my actual reality and when i do i find that rather fascinating in itself. Lately I've been remember a whack load of dreams because I have not been consistently sleeping for any length of time. And a lot of them have been lucid dreams because I've been waking and going back into sleep in such rapid cycles I'm still aware really that I'm dreaming...and still able to maintain the same dream and storyline. I actually don't like lucid dreaming. I prefer to let my wild unconsciousness do its own thing rather than let my conscious mind muck it up. Migraine pain dreams are distinct though because they are violent in some way. Or very vivid. Or very weird. You really do remember a migraine dream one way or another. Just because of the stark vivid nature of them but sometimes because they can be so dang distorted and weird or disturbing and violent. Pain makes you think about bleeding usually so usually they are violent dreams... like you actually get injured or some such thing, or you are really ill. I had one where I was bleeding out of my eyes and my skin was like wax... disturbing but reflecting the pain I was actually feeling.

Last night sometime near the morning, so I was more aware likely of my pain level I was already in the middle of some action adventure dream (I'm telling you it's a regular theme with me... and sometimes I have super powers... what can I say? I read a lot)... anyway, I and some other dude I was with were secret agents and at this point we got captured by the bad dudes and tossed in a cell. In the cell was this chick. She said they tortured people by intense sound vibrations that you could not hear but were so intense the vibrations would cause massive pain through your body and primarily your head (yeah, migraine). But that she had smuggled in a device designed to counteract it. It honestly looked like an iPod, but one that had the pointy bit to be stuck in the base of your neck. She said when you turned it on it would emit a frequency that would be equally intense but would block the one they were pulsing out so that you would not feel nearly as much pain. And seriously using a signal to block a pain signal is actually pretty accurate. And the device sort of reminded me of the sort of migraine treatments I have seen where they implant devices into people. So that might be why I was dreaming of that. So she had herself all plugged in but we didn't. All I remember then is this noise and hum... like the constant ringing in my ears but so painful. The dude I was with had blood coming out of his ears and was just screaming. My head felt like it was being squeezed. The sound waves distorted the air around us like heat waves. I could feel it in my bones.

Then I realized my head really did feel like that. And I was awake and damn did my head hurt.

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