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So close and yet so far away

Yesterday I had an acute migraine. I treated it with a triptan. It half-assed worked. The pain came back for a second round of kick ass. I threw my hands up and said 'you win' and went to bed.

Round two: I woke up with a migraine hangover from yesterday which really when you look at that on a pain scale was like a 4 but my neck was killing me because it had hurt so much the day before. Still I thought I could manage quite well at this stage as long as I avoided any triggers.

Then I did my housecleaning which is part of my assigned routine. I was finishing the bath tub I started yesterday  I did the tub, now I needed to do the walls. Can't do both at once with my nerve damaged hand and my weak FM arms. It's a two day event. So I used the same cleaner. And BAM acute migraine, rapid onset. I can't use the triptan again cause that will aggravate me side effect wise. I have no figured out a way to use the toradol shot yet that will not feel like some is using my stomach for kick boxing practice. So I used my tramacet. On a migraine that is what I would say was about an 8 going on 9 at the end there... that is not even close to adequate. So there went the rest of my day. I couldn't do anything.

It was just one of those days where you think I am on the end of a migraine or the cusp of one... so if I'm very careful I might maintain it. And then some trigger just screws you over.

So two acute and not very well managed migraines in two days. Not even moderate migraines. I just got over my hormonal status migraine so it sort of pisses me off but what can you do? It happens. I have good cleaning products that never trigger a migraine... just the bath tub was Dirty and that requires stronger stuff because my arms are too weak for really good scrubbing, what I did was quite enough. That product was too strong for me. And it was also too damn light. Just too light.

Point is this: I have not had a migraine free day in a very long time. These meds are not working at all. And I am getting a lot of acute migraines, also a bad sign. But they do work on my migraine auras... not the persistent migraine aura, but something anyway. I need a change, but just I think an increase in Topamax which worked well in the past. Verapamil does nothing really for me, so that can be taken out for all I care but if so it might muck up the vertigo and aura... so it depends what replaces it really. Lyrica I like for FM, but for migraines it does nothing, so it depends really on whether the neuro thinks it is necessary or not. I personally think topamax as primary, maybe a calcium channel blocker of a different sort as secondary and if there another that works for MAV and persistent migraine auras that doesn't conflict add that in too.

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