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Status migraine surprise!

Well day three of an acute migraine and it isn't a hormonally triggered one. Yay. Not fun. I tried my triptan the first day. It did the sort of decrease the pain for a bit then it came back full speed ahead mate. And the neck pain and was insane!

Next day still had it but I tried to temper it but then accidently aggravated it and then it was full on acute again, but obviously due to my sensitivty to triptans I just tried later in the day to dull it a wee bit with tramacet (a mix of tramadol and tyanol) and that did so very little, but brought it down just enough that at least it wasn't a screaming 10. And the neck pain was insane!

Day three was acute from dawn to dusk. I said screw it to medications because obviously they were doing nothing and at this point could make it worse... hard to say on a migraine like this. So I went for stay in the dark, don't move, don't do anything that would trigger more pain, rest, use muscle creams on my neck, migraine balms all over my forehead, temples and jaw. And that did nothing. I'm hoping it will help with the neck. I'm going to put some capcacian cream on it before bed.

And I was nonfucntional today because of the pain. Completely nonfunctional. Which is what happens when you have nothing left to treat an acute migraine. And because it has been three days of this my aura symptoms are intense. My visual snow quite honestly has been increasing in intensity anyway lately, just like my motion sensitivity related to the migraine associated vertigo. But today in my dim house... I can't see across the room the vs is so strong. Just looking at the walls right now I can see it clearly, and not anything else clearly. With that my vision is messed up. It keeps sort of blinking (goes dark for a split second) and sometimes the frame of my visual field tilts when I try to look at something. There is vs on the computer screen, and afterimages every time I look away from it. After images when I look at anything bright really.

Essentially if it is dark I can't see anything
If it is light I can't see anything well, because light distorts, hurts and I still have vs, and warpy migraine brain.
If it is dim... I can sort of see the best here but not very far and not very well.
Awesome... there is now no time of day where I can see well in.

At least the MAV isn't bad... well until I move, or am in a moving object, or watching something that is moving. Or trying to sleep. Or when I get up. Or randomly.

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