The Wii broke my arm

I'll tell you one thing my neuro never told me about this nerve damage in my hand... that it would not only cause numbnes, but that it would also make it clumsy, have sharp burning pain and that the hand and the whole arm would be weaker than my left side... and I'm right handed.

I learned this from trying to do housekeeping.

I further learned this for exercising. I was doing my Wii yoga which was cool. After I was done I thought I would do some balance exercises so I did. Then for fun did some tennis and bowling and that there was a mistake. Now remember fibromyalgia and exercising comes with a certain amount of immediate pain a fatigue so i thought nothing of it at the time.

Today the pain in that arm is way over and above the level fibromyagia would cause given the very limited amount I had done. We are talking maybe 5 minutes for a few mini games involving arm swinging... no lifting weights. The pain radiates from my shoulder down to my fingertips. I can't rotate my shoulder fully at all. I can hardly hold my arm straight and roatating it huts like hell.

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