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Trippy road trip

I don't have any real good shots of my road trip into the Rocky Mountains because I took them with my good camera this year which means I have to get the film process but when I do I will likely post some of the good ones on my tumblr account. Anyway after this post you can see a few snapshots. It was a short trip. Half of it travel... beautiful scenic travel. The sort I absolutely love. And we took a few strolls on some of those stops. And it was great. The visit with family was short but it was just a chat and catch up visit and I really enjoyed it. I love visiting with my grandmother. Honestly since I had a status migraine I could not have done much of anything more than just sitting and chatting anyway. I had a slow release painkiller to help me get though the day which did work pretty good, but the pain was always back up to a 9 at night; still I'm glad I brought it since it made that migraine tolerable for the day. So to me it was perfect. Just what I was able to manage and getting to see my relatives. Next time I will make it longer and add in relatives from the other side of the tree. And bring my man along. So pain wise it was manageable because we took our time and it was a nice mellow trip. I mostly had a problem with the fact status migraines are so long and untreatable that the other symptoms can be equally intense if aggravated. The migraine associated vertigo is aggravated by motion so the drive time really intensified those effects, causing effects I had never even had before, to ones I have had. The lurching, dropping sensation, swaying sensations, feeling like you are still moving, the ground still looks like it is moving were more frequent but familiar. When we stopped at a construction side and I could not see out of my peripheral vision because it looked like it was raining particles sideways... that was new. The persistent migraine aura also was worse likely because of my light sensitivity... light was aggravating me a lot. And it didn't take long to notice that the blue field phenomena was stronger or that the visual snow was significantly stronger (or the area grandma lives is darker... VS is worse in the dark). Either way it was getting warpy all the time and worse and worse at night one the VS got worse. And then on the right in that episode with an aura in the center of my vision that was so intense with dots of white flashing rapidly in the center then pulsing out into this large pulsing bit in the middle of my vision... that was an odd aura.
On the road again

Rocky Mountains

Me all ready with my specs and hat

Me ready to crash at the hotel
At my Granmothers setting her up on a new email and Facebook account

On the road home-decided I needed even less light

On the road again... Trees are turning... Fall is here

Caught some deer on the side of the road

Still thirsty even after all those pee breaks

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