What a pain in the...

I left the house today to get my hair cut and go to the pharmacy. I seriously needed a haircut. And i chose to go to a friend who has a salon in her house. I figured I have not socialized in.... honestly too long to actually remember. I have not seen her in I figure a year since she was not aware of events that happened a year ago... that is how I tell time, by events I know somewhat the timeline on (my brother recently got engaged to his girlfriend who he has been with I'm told a year, ergo since she was not aware of this, it has been more than a year). I have no other perception of time passing. I thought I had seen her fairly recently. So I thought why not go see her for my haircut since I really like her as a person and I can chat with her and help her business at the same time. It was cool. We chatted for a few hours after. I had a real good time. Bonus over and above that... her salon in her house does not Smell like a Salon usually does, so that did not give me a migraine.

So I had not woken up with a migraine. It was a nice cool cloudy day out. I did not get a migraine when I went for my haircut/visit.


I went to the pharmacy and on the drive I felt on coming on. Got to the overly bright pharmacy to wait for my refills and it came on strong. By the time I left there it was a full blown acute beast of a migraine.

Lesson of this story. Every time I leave the house with no migraine I literally have about three hours tops before I get one and it is usually acute. I'm not sure if it is the driving, the sunlight or what... but it is every freaking time.

It was bad enough that I took my triptan and this would be two days in a row which I avoid, due to the fact for me triptans begin to cause shortness of breath, heart irregularities and all that fun that increases when I use them in consecutive days, even if I do not go over the 3 Day Rule.

The triptan worked. But as usually it drained me and made me want to sleep, so i took a nap. I just had to. Those things should be marketed as sleeping pills. I always hated taking them at work because forcing yourself to stay awake after it was basically forcing yourself to work with a dumbified brain.

The pain sort of came back at night but not much. But I have such a pain at the base of my head. There is a spot right at the back about an inch before the neck mucles start going down that hurts like hell and has all day. It is very tender. Not like I can put a muscle rub there or anything is there? That spot is always sore, cause the whole area is tense and sore, just not this much.

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