Hit the 10 on the pain scale today from the get go

Today was a 10 migraine pain day all day. Well, I got it down to a 9 so thats something and hopefully I can sleep. It got this way because yesterday night it was an acute migraine with vertigo and that damned vertigo made it impossible to sleep… so I didn’t. As you can imagine the pain intensiifed. Got to that place that is beyond a migraine and just insane. Beyond the ability to function. Every movement of my head caused shards of pain through my brain. Hyper pain. My triptan was useless against it. I felt so dazed and sick and spacy. I made it from the bed to the couch and that was the extent of my day. Because that is what a 10 is. You cannot Do anything. The pain owns you. You just lay there existing in the locked down pain mode.

Even though this new neuro said not to take painkillers… I took a fucking pain killer. Like I should have yesterday so maybe I could have slept. And now at least the pain is a nine. What a horrific day. I hope I sleep at least a little. 10’s are rare and don’t usually last long but then usually I can dull them with painkillers, but my douchebag neuro says that is the worst idea ever. I would like him to have this migraine. Or the vertigo that caused it. Or the insomnia.

I could barely even eat. I ate just a small amount at supper. And it went right through me. Because that's what happens when an acute migraine hits for this long I get sick like that. So the best I can do is drink water to keep hydrated to keep up with it.

What a waste of a day. All day just laying there wishing the pain would end. Knowing it wouldn't because it was that bad I knew it was going to last awhile. And still lasting. I would use my super sleeping pills to knock me out to kill this migraine but then I would be a zombie all day tomorrow... as in another completely wasted day where I would be unable to function, but I have a doc appointment so I do need to drive and function.
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