Hyper migraine continues

I had to go to the doctor so he could fill out the forms the neuro didn't fill out but that brutal migraine from yesterday was still kickin. Not a 10 thankfully... more like a persistent 9 but still the same sort of extremely motion sensitive pain through the entire head. Obviously no way in hell I could drive so I called my mom and thankfully she was able to give me a lift. Hyper sensitive pain, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity .. just like a migraine on crack. Like the migraine I had that I was not able to treat that night I could not sleep with that infernal vertigo damn well broke my brain.

Not that this type of migraine is unknown to me, but it is not expected in out of the blue like this. It is expected after days worth of a status migraine or a week long stretch of nasty migraines. Then this weird motion sensitive pain can kick in. Obviously lack of sleep and the inability to temper the pain with a painkiller are also factors. And apparently I get to have it last even longer... joyness. I took my toradol injection as that  is my only other option to the Maxalt, but in order to do so I have to take something for nausea and another med to protect my stomach and of course water and food. All that seems to have eliminated the side effect of stomach pain this time anyway.. so far, sometimes that can be delayed a bit. And the pain is going down to about an 8 so that is great.

Still a day of non-functioning due to pain. And my blood pressure according to the machine at the doc office is 93/63 on the third reading... the first came up with an error because it was too low to read but the next three were around this. Weird. I wonder if going off verapamil actually lowered my bp? It was low normal to begin with at 115/72 on average. Or was it the insane pain? Could explain all the dizziness and walking into walls I guess.

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