Twinkle,twinkle little star...

Well, stop dreaming about me already because I've had some crappy sleep.

The migraines are having a field day because I can't treat them properly so my neck is beginning to hurt quite a bit and my back has been hurting for three days now. So migraine, neck pain and back pain... try getting comfortable and sleeping. Just doesn't happen. And I am tired in a drugged up sort of way from upping my dose on Topamax. Anyway when I do get to sleep it is not for long. Because I'm freaking uncomfortable. So any position I choose wakes me up as being very painful. Then I toss and turn until I find another one and repeat all night long.

Around 6am this morning I got up to slather on more capciacian cream on my neck and back... that wasn't a good idea. Lack of sleep, but with a sleeping pill still in me made for one hell of a stumble around. With insane light blue trailers following after anything... either from the migraine or the lack of sleep or both... I do get those at other times. So I slather it on and stumble back to bed. Where took the entire quilt smooshed it into one big body pillow and crooked on leg up on it and that seemed to be the most comfortable position of the night.

But I did not get up at 10am, even though I was awake at 8 and 9 and 10. I just had no sleep and my head then was killing me. So I waiting until I did to calm the pain... do i didn't get out of bed till 12:30. See? totally screwing with trying to set up a sleep routine. All that time in bed and I still didn't get even close to eight hours.

I've been fighting a brutal migraine all day. And weird aura where things keep moving in my peripheral vision (maybe because I drove today?) and it is now 2:30 am and I'm in so much pain I can't sleep. 

Nucking futs.
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