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A very productive day

My sleep schedule has been very messed up... and my brain rather brainless due to the topamax so productivity is rather erratic. Annoyingly so. Frustratingly so.

However, apparently when you get very little sleep you can be more productive. Which is what happened today. It started off with not being able to fall asleep right away and then ended up with waking up far too early in one of those half awake can't really get back to sleep annoying topamax states I have been getting. I am way more prone to delayed onset insomnia... not this early morning stage one in and out not really sleeping crap. I gave up and just got up. And then a whole bunch of things occurred to me to do.

Mind you I was leaving the house for my psychologist appointment so... there were things that I wanted to do all around that. Bank and pharmacy included.

Still I remembered to get two extra things from the drug store that have been on my to-do list forever...

One... liquid magnesium. I have problems digesting magnesium supplements but magnesium is a big deal for fibromyalgia and migraines. (see Fibromyalgia and magnesium deficiency)

Two... grape seed extract. Because of the research I did for the article grape seed extract and benefits to fibromyalgia ... any specifically for me the additional benefits grape seed extract has for eczema, allergies and related conditions. It is a great overall antioxidant so I figured why not? Plus eczema has been insanely itchy since winter has hit.

Magnesium was the big one... very important and one my neuro recommended a while back. I just could not tolerate it. So I have been looking for an alternative. Grape seed in something that is not really something that would conflict with anything I take... and that is vital when considering to add anything to my regiment. Anyway with the lack of sleep I stood in that isle for fifteen minutes... trying to focus on the bottles with my eyes playing tricks on me and that damned florescent lighting burning a hole in my retinas trying to find just any bottle that had any different kind of magnesium let alone the grape seed. Found the grape seed first. Could not find the magnesium I was looking for but when I went up to the pharmacist and asked for my prescription and asked about alternatives turns out behind the counter they have a liquid version... I asked if that is the sort that is easier to take and digest (and not the kind that is a laxative!) and he said it is often taken for people that are deficient or for people with migraines. Bingo! And I thought what the hell... why had I not asked months ago. Instead of wondering around lost and befuddled like I had today? Likely because usually I am in too much pain and I want to be in and out. Today the pain was mid-level and mostly I was just confused and exhausted... it was easier to just ask and be done with it.

I am in a lot of fibro pain lately because my sleep cycle is too erratic and the weather is turning. And because I was not able to maintain the exercises I needed to maintain while off... but I will try to get back into that while I still can. I hope that increasing my magnesium, something that really we all should, will help with that. The grape seed is just a bonus...and potentially could help with other symptoms... like the need to itch all my skin off.

So remembering those two random things was quite the feat. Astonishing on just a few hours of sleep. Seriously my eyeballs feel covered in sandpaper. However I am going to use this extreme fatigue and sleepiness to go to sleep at a decent time and try and adjust my clock. You never know... might kick its ass in gear and be somewhat functional tomorrow. Stranger things have happened.
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