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All about the meds... topamax funness

When does this Topamax kick in anyway? I'm up to the second week on 200mg which is twice the recommended dose for migraines... and the migraines are still daily and at the same level as usual. Going strong. Generally the rule of thumb is top up and stay on them for three months before you discard a preventative and that is what I'm going on. No need to give up just yet since I'm not at the 400mg yet. And I'm curious as a mad hatter what 400mg will accomplish. Possible I will be as mad as a hatter by then... so insane I will be babbling out words that make no sense at all because this drug apparently destroys the ability to comprehend language as well as speak and write it (that all gods for spellcheck...I spelled gids there you see, so right there is just one example, if I just left this unedited you would all have no freaking idea what I was saying at this point). I believe that side effect verbally has significantly improved from last week, so I am ready for next week whereby it will significantly decline once more. Other than that funness... I have been experiencing overall crappiness..illness that reminds me of the worst stomach flu ever. But that has also diminished... or have I forgotten to eat again? Either way, it is a little better. Not significantly, but a little. I also am getting some aching chest pains... but I'm looking into that on... may be related to potassium, which can happen with this med.

So no effect on migraines as of yet.

I'd rather hoped for an effect on the persistent auras by now. At the very least the scintillations.... those would be the scintillations that came back daily when I went off verapamil. But so far no. No effect on the warping, moving of objects, pulsations, double vision, halos, corona effect... but I hope to have that treated instead with Irlens filter glasses... because that will be faster, more immediate and will reduce a grouping of the aura manifestations that cause significant impairment to my vision. definately no improvement in the visual snow... that is clear during the day and so thick at night I swear I could reach out and grab a big chunk of it. It is thicker than it has ever been.. I blame all the other aura crap around it making it appear so much more thicker.

So definitely no affect on persistent migraine auras yet.

People do take topamax for migraine associated vertigo in much smaller doses so really I should be seeing a benefit to the vertigo. And the answer is had to say really. Because it is motion sensitive and I have not been diving a lot lately to test that one out. However, in regards to the vertigo and associated symptoms that spontaneously occur,... no, they remain. I'm falling into things, bumping into walls. I keep swaying on my feet, which sometimes leads to me starting to fall and catching myself. I sway when I am sitting too... just suddenly sway forward. My head feels weird all the time now, so the weird spinning feeling that hits you for a second and repeats happens but feels funny.

No real impact on MAV as of yet.

So we will see in three weeks what I feel like at the max dosage. Assuming I am able to construct sentences at that time.
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