RE: Excedrin Migraine Campaign Trivializes Migraine & the Women Who Experience it

Excedrin Migraine Campaign Trivializes Migraine & the Women Who Experience it

"Two-thirds of women would give up shopping at their favorite store for a year to stop their migraine attacks. Excedrin Migraine has launched an advertising campaign with this so-called fact. Seriously? The willingness to give up shopping at a single store exemplifies the impact of migraine a person’s life? Could they have trivialized migraine or women more?"

That seems like a very, very small sacrifice. I rarely shop ever and it is only when I have to. My favorite store is Chapters and I go about once a year. I get driven by someone else because I don't drive unless necessary and I spend about fifteen minutes there. So... fifteen minutes a year spent at a store I could buy books online instead... traded for no migraines forever? WOW Talk about NO sacrifice for a HUGE massive gain.  Where do I find that genie to grant that wish?   Well, i rarely shop because I'm not a clothes, purse or shoe person...also the experience is exhausting, draining and painful. So when I must it is short and to the point. Not a good example for me when leaving the house is an ordeal. We sometimes go to places because we don't want to be a recluse, and we want to socialize and pain avoidance behavior in the extreme leads to... never leaving the house. Yet, asking me if I would stop this one activity, which like everything in the outside bright world, moving about, causes me pain to do, and I do very infrequently anyway... to take away my migraines forever... the answer would be a 'hell ya'. I've done a whole lot more for way less gain. Shopping is one of those things you have to do on a Saturday... never a workday (that would be horrifically painful after work) and not a Sunday because if you aggravate a migraine on Sunday you could make Monday worse for work... but not a bad Saturday, has to be a good one and not the morning or evening and never for too long. These things take planning. And if you get any sort of chronic pain you get that. We get the consequences and the gain. This hypothetical minor sacrifice for an impossible huge gain is a cruel little mind game because we all know there is no cure so no point even thinking about what we would give up... but...
I would give up shopping at my favorite store forever. I would give up all shopping outside the house forever (ever heard of online... awesome  way to shop and no sunlight). Hell, I'd give up ever leaving the house. Again, no sacrifice... it is called pain avoidance. Shopping is not necessary, ergo, doesn't happen happen often... if happens when energy levels are high enough, pain is low enough, when I need to or when I am willing to suffer the consequences for the positive gain (socializing, not being a recluse, mood benefits). Leaving the house and sunlight are unfortunately necessary evils for chronic migraines... but hey, if you are going to take my migraines away I'll sacrifice them up for the rest of my life even though I'll have no pain left and no light sensitivity to hassle me.

I'd go into a coma for a year if it would diminish my migraines or cut them in half... that sounds like a good deal. It would be a sacrifice sure, plenty of good things I would miss, people I would miss, but what sort of life do I have right now with these constant migraines? So that would be well worth the sacrifice for less than a hundred percent gain. Granted... a coma sounds rather nice as well, no pain, no light, no sound... clearly I need some sleep. But you get my point.

Jeez... maybe they should ask us what we would be willing to sacrifice that we already have not.... not sure what that would be, but I'm sure there is something. I mean we do an insane amount of things and medications in hopes of slightly diminishing them... for them to be gone altogether? That is like some wild elusive fiction. I can't even imagine it.

As Kerrie states:

"Daily, migraineurs struggle against the misconception that migraine is “just a headache,” with families and employers who don’t believe or understand how ill they truly are. Advocates have begged Congress and theFDA to notice how debilitating and woefully underfunded this illness is. The last thing we need is an advertising campaign that diminishes the seriousness of migraine and the women who experience it.
The “fact” about shopping and migraine prickles another nerve by asking what someone would give up to eliminate migraines. For a year, I would live in a cave with no human contact, surviving on rats and cockroaches as my only food source. And, yes, I am completely serious, provided that I have fire to cook the rats. Unfortunately, migraine isn’t a game where you can choose your terms; treating it as one only increases the desperation and lack of control that someone this sick already feels."
The Daily Headache goes on to state some important facts....

Here are some real statistics from the World Health Organization:

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