Status migraine mode

Okay... I'm stuck in a status migraine. Not unusual for hormonally triggered migraines. They start with that constant trigger for a few day of acute constant pain that does not respond well to my triptan so I used to treat with my painkiller, but my neuro took me off that... and if treated aggressively in the beginning these migraines at best last three to four days. They are hellish and violent in their symptoms and as such you can get dehydrated and sick quickly if you are not on top of things... compounding triggers can lead to... more you guessed it prolonged days of migraine pain. At worst... well they have lasted for a very long time... I've ended up in the ER, not that its helped, but desperate times and all. Actually, it did help three times I believe... luck of the draw with doctors there.

Point being... if the acute pain persists and you get stuck Beyond the initial hormonal flux... then Status migraine it is. Hello status migraine. Not much I can do about it. I could try another triptan tonight since I did not take one yesterday. Might as well at this point. If I'm desperate and don't mind some more stomach pain and discomfort I could try a toradol shot tomorrow... thats always fun. I'm damn miserable, might be worth it. I can't control the pain. The vertigo. The nausea. It's horrific. Its been way too many days.

Thats the difference between a status migraine and chronic migraines by the way. Chronic migraines can be every day... as mine are. But the pain can vary from 4 to 10 and they can start in the morning, afternoon or evening... so you might have half a day with just a pre-migraine but no pain yet. Or it might be a slow onset where it is a four most of the day with nausea and vertigo that is nuts but the pain is really manageable and it doesn't get to say a seven until evening. Or it could be acute onset in the afternoon, but the morning was fine. Or all day sucked. Or it could be two days that sucked. You never know. But a status migraine is three or more days of acute constant migraine hell. It is an acute migraine that just keeps going and going and going.And you just get sicker and sicker. And the pain is maddening.

Do you have any idea how you feel if an acute migraine lasts two days?
Three days?
Fours days?
Five days?
Six freaking days?

This does not happen to me every month, but the potential is there. because when I work with migraines that means I work with those hormonal migraines, which means I work during that acute hell and I aggravate it... so usually it does last about five days on average... and sometimes seven. Sometimes in the past even longer when I had no rescue med, like now. I sure as hell hope that isn't the case this time. So every month I had to endure this over and over again. Is it any wonder I developed a problem sleeping through the pain?

They truly are killer migraines... one because they could potentially kill you and if they don't you wish they did.


elaine4queen said...

it might be worth your while getting a mirena coil.

it's not 100% infallible - i still get some hormonal flux, but it tends to wipe out periods or at least reduce bleeding to a day or two of nano bleeding. my period migraines were operatic in scale and pain, and getting that largely out of the equation really helped me.

N.Albert said...

Recently a few people have mentioned contraception that stops the period from happening as an option... and damn I think it sounds like a good option! Not sure why it was never mentioned by a doctor, but I'm going to bring it up whenever I can get to see a neuro again. Because this is obviously a huge one for me.

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