Visual snow insanity

I would really like to know what makes visual snow so very vivid on some days. In my case it has increased in intensity over the last few years. And I believe it must have something to do with the fact that the migraine associated vertigo also increased in intensity. Thus making my persistent migraine aura, visual snow and vertigo into this one ball of weird symptoms that are visual, but also motion sensative and Move. This new entity of madness.

So the visual snow is worse. It is very noticible now, whereas before it was just there. It was odd, and there, but not something that bothered me. It was like a background to all the other aura stuff going on. Now it is the crazy vibrant background that makes everything more twisted and pulsing and flickering, and shaky vision.

And today, like some days, it just gets insanely worse. It gets so thick it looks like it is this mass in the air before objects, which disorts them and makes me unable to see them, (normally visual snow looks like a flat field of static on an object really or right in front of it). If I looked at a black space in a closet between objects that black space was full of vs, it looked full of something almost tangible there was such a thickness to the visual snow. Against my dark curtians a thick mass of visual snow writhed in front of it, so much so that it was like I could reach out and touch it. Hell it was like I could see it in the air in front of me, like the air between me and the curtains we full of it. Being as the room was dim, it was easy to see it. I looked at a picture on the wall, an Adsel Adams print, and it too was grainy from the snow. I tried to ignore the snow to focus on the picture but I couldn't because my vision went darker and I kept getting afterimages of the pciture every time I moved my eyes.

Why the change? Is it because of the topamax increase? I would hate to think the topamax is making it worse. Long ago topamax did reduce some of my aura symptoms, so I would hate it having the opposite effect. Or is it because of the fact I have been so sick, from the topamax? My super low blood pressure and low heart rate... do those affect visual snow?

Another thing I noticed is this extreme change when going from light to dark and dark to light. The first was dark to light. As in dark house to light bathroom... turn on the light and I was blinded for seconds in my whole visual field by whitewash and then yellow as it creeped back in. Then yesterday I went outside very breifly without my sunglasses to talk to my bf on a bright sparkly day when back into my nice dark house and again was blinded but this time my vision flickered and blicked rapidly with a different color (now I forget what the hell it was, I might have to repeat it as an experiement like I did the other one!). It is like the eyes are shocked by the light change... like extreme photosensivity on hyperdrive or something. And I never noticed this since I wear my sunglasses all the time. Just another sign this stuff is getting worse, not better.

It is weird but nothing to do but power on and see what happens.
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