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Interviewed a new doctor today

So for some time now I have had some dissatisfaction with my general doctor. It is not that he is a horrible doctor it is simply that he never has the time and it just seems like he does not listen all that much. And when I feel rushed I often forget things and then those things just never get mentioned. Which is a problem. However the main reason is that he does not seem to get the magnitude of my pain problem. Yes, he sent me to a neuro for my chronic migraines, which is great and easy. Yes, he has even assisted with some other migraine related medications that have helped and I appriciate the effort.... such as a med for vertigo and my digestive problems and nausea... But overall how he handled me in regards to my work situation does not sit well with me, expecially when it was at its worse and he treated that situation so offhandedly. It was not so casual an experience for me by any means. And this going on short term leave and then back to work, and missing too many days, and eventually back on short term, and then back to work and missing too many days... over and over again is hellish because workplaces really don't like that and that makes my life hell, worse than working itself does. Point being, at the core of the problem I figure is not really him... I'm sure he is perfectly fine at his job and insanely busy in fact... I think the problem is that we do not mesh well and we do not communicate well and I often feel ackward even talking to him now. So what is the point then?

However, there are so few doctors around here that are available to take patients. So I decided to ask my common law spouses doctor if she would consider taking me on, given we are 'spouses' even though she is not taking on new patients. And I asked this because I already know she is a good doctor... she has to be to get my bf to actually talk about anything related to his health and say more than two words. He hates the doctors offices. Hates, hates, hates. And she has greatly helped him for his gastroparesis, IBS, arthritis on his toe which in fact needed surgery, and because she was following up so well for his gastroparesis she did a CAT scan that happened to catch his stage one kidney cancer that had no symptoms... so I'm rather fond of her for all of that. Still communication between people is important so we schedualed a meeting and greet, which is always a little indimidating because you never know how a doctor is going to take being presented with a patient with complex chronic pain conditions. We are tricky and doctors don't like tricky. She was great though. She really listened to what I was saying about my current treatments and medications. She is wary of opiates and the potential of over using but will use them when necessary and that is a philosophy I like to see in a doctor.... it is the same I have when using them, which obviously I currently am not anyway. She said my pain is a complex situation with the FM and the migraines and honestly the way she expressed it startled me a little because I am so used to the situation being minimized and the FM being completely disregarded. She asked a lot about the FM actually. She said she was not sure she would recommend to send me to a new neuro given all the medications I have tried and that she would be more inclined to send me to a pain specialist clinic... and that astonished me. Because that would address both conditions and that would be, wow, revolutionary.

Problem was I did go see her with a migraine and near the end there I started fumbling my words a bit. And forgetting stuff... even though I brought my book with all my meds in it I managed to forget to tell her some. Dang it. Still, she sent me for blood work and to come back in a month for a full physical to get things going. Which is a good start, right? Get all the blood work and a physical and a hystory. She did everything right there. And a very good overall conversation. As much of on we could have given my history is obviously extensive. I liked her. She did listen well. I think as an overall docotr she will be Better. For migraines... well, who knows, hard to say that always depends on the so called experts. But I need someone to look at all my need, not just my refills and not just my migraines and their symptoms. But the whole picture.

She gave me a small script for T3, which are mild but she thought I would have something to help with pain reduction if needed... two at most per day. And she gave me something for my back pain, which hoepfully will help... but not sure it will, I have tried a few things so far and it seems rather consistently there for the long haul.

I still need to see my other doc to fill out the long term forms because he has known me long enough to do so... but after that... I'm done.
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