yoga determined my back is shot to hell

Since my chronic migraine hell has landed me off work for a bit I've been trying to do yoga daily to compensate... because unfortunately no activity when it comes to fibromyalgia can also cause pain, just like any activity can, just like sitting too long can, or standing too long can... you need some sort of mobility anyway. Mine was walking and yoga, that is until I got too ill from medication side effects.
However, something flared up some serious back pain and I don't think it was the yoga or the walking. I have no idea what it was but both aggravated it and it has been extremely sensitive since. It bothers me when i try to sleep, when walking and when trying to do yoga and when standing up from sitting. I have now sufficiently recovered from my medication side effects to Do activities again, prior to the migraine pain hitting anyway, so today I managed 20 minutes. I know sounds impressive. Trust me it is for FM. It really, really is... and painful. Some of that was a bit of strength building exercises, or what I would call that anyway (holding my arms up is essentially strength building but anyway it was not yoga, more intense stuff). Several poses aggravated my back pain, but then I Feel pain in several areas when I do these poses so not unusual.
This pose made me realize just how bad my back really is. It is supposed to help with back pain. (the other one I know that is supposed to help made it feel way worse) I literally could not even get close to doing this. The start of this you are on your elbows then you raise up on your arms and arch back. I was in an insane amount of pain on my elbows... no way in hell could I get up on my arms. And partially this is why I have troubles sleeping... I sleep on my stomach and just lying down I feel a lot of pain, so I have been pulling on knee up to my chest to feel less pain.
So... not sure if this is an FM flare thing or a back pain thing. It has been six months now... so that counts in my books as long enough to mention to the doctor since it is not going away on its own and is compromising my ability to function. So yet another freaking doctor appointment.

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