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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Exploring Fibromyalgia impact on family and relationship

Exploring Fibromyalgia impact on family and relationship I suppose from time to time we relfect on the affect out illness has had on our relationships with loved ones, our family, our friends and our spouse. I know with friends for me they sort of... drifted away. I let it happen because I wasn't a good friend. Friends need to expend some effort into a friendship and I obviously didn't hold up on my end... but I'm an introvert so if friends drift away and I become a hermit, it sort of it isn't an issue... I have never been loney in my own company. I do regret losing them, I did value them as people. I'm just not the sort that needs to socialize... socializing makes me tired. Although having people drag out outside is healthy... so introverts should not do that... let everyone drift away like that. It happens easily for us. Nevertheless, extroverts have a harder time with this problem because they like socializations... they are energized by people and losing that is hard to bear.

Anyway it comes to cultivating the relationips we want to hold onto... in a fashion we are capable of doing so and communicating that clearly. Not all relatioships can survive being around someone with a chronic illness. And sometimes we should not be around some people. Simple as that. But the good ones are also work... because while we are affected by our illness, so are they...

Hope you like the source pic I used. It is of me and my spouse! It is hard to find source pics because they cannot be copyrighted, and the ones that they have available to use often do not fit my health topics... so I tend to have to use my own. I do use their videos sometimes... the video I chose this time was of an interview of a woman who is a spouse and a caregiver, who advocates for caregivers of those with chronic pain... making the point that they should take care of themselves and understand that their spouse should not have to endure pain, two very good points.

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