Sun Salutation and touching your toes

On the Wii fit the Sun salutation is broken into pieces which is good because no way in hell I can do 6, 7 and 8 due to my back pain... which is why I had to exclude them from my routine. My routine was already sort of FM gimpy friendly and now it is even more gimpy friendly.... I'm thinking of trying to find some sort of book that is made for people with disabilities for yoga.

Anyway it does have the beginning part here where you bend back (which does hurt my back specifically but I still due it thinking it is gentle enough and maybe helps a little) and then bend forward and touch your toes. Now the whole touching your toes thing with FM has been impossible for me... it is like my muscles in my legs are these taunt elastic bands of pain and when I stretch it is just intense pain and no matter how much I stretch... they never, ever loosen. And I try normal stretches to... stretch the pain out or something and it really just doesn't work. I kept this one on my routine because I figured it would be a good stretch overall.

Now... weirdly abruptly since my back has gotten messed up I have been able to touch my toes. My legs still hurt just as much, actually more at night. But the back itself seems to have loosened up right at that spot and bending forward does not hurt, in fact it relieves the pain. And so I can touch my toes by bending there. It's really weird... like the the back, the lower spine has loosened up spontaneously and not from the yoga which I had to stop entirely for awhile due to the back pain issue.

I told my spouse about this interesting anomaly and he's like 'I can touch my toes... see.' and then just folds his six foot six frame and touches his toes like it is easy. He is not flexible I will say first of all. I was like ' What the hell! You suck. I can't touch my toes not because I'm not flexible because I am, I'm double jointed and some of those poses are easy because of it. I can't touch my toes because my muscles are a band of burning pain and is insane when I bend like that. Which is still there but now the joint is just folding. Which is weird. But you still suck.' Nothing like a completely inflexible man to show you how much pain limits your mobility. Dork. lol.

Nevertheless I am impressed he can touch his toes. It is a Long way down for him. He says it is because his arms are so very long. Good point, mine are so very short... but then I am also quite a bit closer to the ground.
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