Head shinkery appointment and setting plans

I had very little sleep today which means... Hello jittery energetic pre-migraine me. Also early migraine onset. Also insane visual snow and a nice bit of vertigo as well.

And today was my shrink appointment... so I chattered on and on and on. We did talk about my wanting to get on my making specialist appointments, especially the pain clinic one, but my doctor is on holidays right now. I mentioned I really want to go for the migraines although i get my doctor wants me to go for the migraine and fibro connection. But I tolerate FM and have for so long that I don't expect much from doctors for treatment.... because I don't know how that doctor will view it. And I loath the researchers can't agree what FM is and their bickering about it trickles down to doctors who end up being dismissive or ineffective or don't know what to do. And frankly I'm sick of it because we are the ones that suffer for all their indecisiveness, ineffectiveness and ineptitude. A strong comprehensive treatment will work but it is never given. So I just don't bother with all that crap and continue to cope on my own until they decide on what FM is and how it should be treated... likely several decades from now. It is just my disgust with researchers coming out really... the ones who don't believe in FM, who say it is just nothing out of the norm, or psychological... they piss me off because it sets everything back. And I'm like fine you believe that shit then I'll continue to not have treatment... because apparently that should just work out fine then, right? But that is not what I really mean because I believe they are way off base. I believe many people were misdiagnosed with FM when doctors under the old criteria failed to use the trigger pain tests and diagnoses people they couldn't figure out why they had lingering pain for. There laziness and lack of due diligence had caused FM to be seen as a garbage diagnosis and a real diagnosis because now both exist. So now every doctor has to look at every patient and figure out if it is really FM or if they actually have say hypothyroidism or depression or any number of other things that were never properly looked at. And that is not our fault... but we get the fall out... we get looked at like maybe  it might all be in our heads or maybe we do have depression when we see a doctor. What I really believe is FM exists and is is neurological and should be actively treated on many fronts.

Then I mentioned the probiotics I have been taking which actually do seem to be helping my IBS-D already... so awesome first step there.

And I mentioned I order the electronic smokes to help with my asthma and to maybe taper down on my nicotine.

And then starting my exercise again but being careful of my back.

And we discussed what work options I was looking at for after my leave finishes... still a little stumped on that, but looking for options.
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