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I now hate numbess and tingling as a migraine symptom

Ever since my experience with the whole peripheral neuropathy in my right hand, and to a minor extent the left, numbness and tingling is not something I like to have as a migraine aura. I don't mind the whole hand tingling because that feels different. And I don't mind the tingling or numbness in the face right before a migraine because it is a very brief aura, although I don't like the more common cool numbness in the forehead that I get these days because I can't explain that one. The way the nerve damage happened in my hand was very specific... very odd, very un-migraine like and very permanent. And it feels very different than any numbness or tingling you would get with a migraine aura... different sort of numbness, and not really tingling more a prickling pain. That hand I can honestly say experiences a lot of sensations that it never did and a lot less texture and dexterity than it used to. The other hand was affected by the initial incident but I can barely feel the effects of it, mostly when it is hot or cold can I feel where the damage was done.

So yesterday night I was fighting a wicked migraine... could not sleep it was so intense. I had already tried to treat it with a triptan the day before and had an adverse reaction to that triptan... caused some racing heart rate and those annoying chest pains that indicate possibly chest wall pain or maybe my asthma didn't like the triptan. Likely the asthma given I woke up that morning rather gaspy. So attempting that again didn't seem prudent. I am careful with tritpans since sometimes my response to them side effect wise can be unpleasant. And I felt decidedly unwell from that experience given the migraine had gotten significantly worse not better for all that effort. Granted all that not sleeping does not help. Point being I shifted around to get more uncomfortable and realize my left hand isn't feeling right... as in not feeling sensation right. And it is the one that feels properly so trust me I noticed. I have been experiencing a lot of hand pain this last month or more in the finger joints so I sleep in a way to ensure they are not being caught under my body... because the hand pain is always worst in the morning, don't want to make it worse by sleeping on them. Anyway, all my finger tips were numb with less sensation. Not cold. Numb in the same way as my right hand but not as severe because my right hand is numb with pain, and that may not make sense but trust me both can be true. The left just felt the loss of sensation not the misfiring and not even intense numbness, but enough I noticed it.

It hasn't gone away either. But it hasn't gotten worse. If it had spread and half my hand was numb like the first go around... then I would seriously have gone to the ER and demanded they somehow put a 'stop to it' before the whole hand was damaged. But it is just the fingertips... which isn't even the same way as last time. Not saying that sort of thing has to follow a certain pattern or anything. But I don't want to freak out and assume it is nerve damage when I do in fact have a wicked migraine. Also my nails are weirdly discolored so maybe... I don't know lack of circulation or something. Or, hell, people with FM often get Raynauds phenomena and with the nails plus the tingling numbness that even seems more likely than spontaneous nerve damage.

I suppose it is a good thing I'm making a doctors appointment tomorrow because of side effects from the depo shot and to make a specialist apt... might be a good idea to mention whatever the hell is up with my hands.
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