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neuro 'lifestyle changes' and quitting smoking fun

There are certain lifestyle changes a neurologist will mention that may or may not help with chronic migraines that they mention simply because they have nothing else to say. For example, if you happen to be over weight then you should do something about that then shouldn't you? I am not currently overweight because Topamax knocked off twenty pounds which put me into the normal category and since then my digestive system has rather been knocking off a pound or so regularly because I have not been put on a med to rapidly increase it. I wouldn't recommend this method by the way, horrific way to go about it and I doubt that is what they mean by weight loss but whatever. Point is... they will point it out. Another is exercise... go exercise because that is what you want to do when you have a migraine every day... shake that brain around. I did go about this as well, catching the rare moments I didn't have a migraine, or before it. Minus bad days. But then my back went gimpy and threw that routine off, but nevertheless this is on the list... have never seen the benefit but hey I'm sure there is a general benefit even if it never helps with the pain. The next is caffeine... no caffeine... bad caffeine... even though, yes, sometimes it can be good and even though, yes, sometimes it doesn't make one bit of a difference in some people. It will be mentioned. Even if you have cut it out before and it made no difference at all. At least this one is fairly easy... lots of caffeine free products to replace your caffeine ones.

Now  the one I really want to mention is Smoking. That horrific Bad Habit that everyone complains about. It is so Bad For You. Why don't you quit? You would feel so much better. Surely it would cure all your ills. And prolong your horrifically painful life. Well to all those people I like to say 'whoever has no bad habit throw the first stone... and if your body is a temple, then likely you over exercise and diet relentlessly and that is in fact your bad habit so watch you don't blind your eye when you throw that stone at yourself.' We all have them... this is just apparently the easiest to mock and most socially unacceptable. I like smoking for a few reasons. A) a part of me doesn't care about prolonging my life B) when I am stressed and in a crapload of pain that I can do nothing about having a smoke makes me feel a little better. and C) I have quit and it does not help with migraines, the reason that it might it plain idiotic and so it is an idiotic reason.

However... I do need to quit smoking... not for migraines, as I said, it isn't going to help there. I need to quit because I have asthma. And I know OMG why the hell am I smoking? Well, I've had asthma about six years or five... smoking for almost two decades. That is why. This last cold demonstrated my asthma is not under control unless I use my preventative and that cold went into the lungs and I was wheezing like hell and I still have the cold... so very long lasting. I would not need as much of the asthma preventative if I did not smoke. It would be far less symptomatic and easier to manage.

Hoe is another question altogether. I have tried many quit smoking products and many of them I have adverse reactions to. I can use the mints. And a fake smoke. That sort of works once I have already cut down significantly. I can try that again. But I decided first I am order those epuffers... those electronic smokes online... they are fake smokes with nicotine, but without all the harmful things to your lungs. I will try this and see how the asthma improves with them. Should get them in a couple weeks. And if I decided to quit on them then I just order cartridges with less nicotine and then cartridges with none.
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