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Monday, March 11, 2013

Objective test for Fibromyalgia now on the market

Objective test for Fibromyalgia now on the market 

This is a follow-up of my previous article Study suggests fibromyalgia might be a immunologic disorder in which they suggested the study would be able to product a diagnostic tool for fibromyalgia.

Then Bam they announce they have come out with a blood test coming out this March. Without any need to replicate their results. Without any further studies to see if these findings might actually show up in other pain conditions... which would mean rather hard to be a specific test for FM wouldn't it? They seemed to have jumped the gun there.

However if the doctor is using it in addition to the usual criteria... then getting a positive on this test would certainly validate that diagnosis. It is just the fact that a study to compare other pain conditions and fibromyalgia to look at these findings was never done... so yes diagnostically it does indicate FM, but could it also indicate some other condition... we don't know. Which means if someone has another pain condition and wants the test they could show positive no matter what. I don't get what the rush was to bring this out... oh, wait, the boat load of money they will be making.
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