A messed up visual migraine aura day

There just really is no way to describe how messed up a migraine visual aura can get. Honestly, mine have so many combinations it makes things quite interesting. Today though it made things very difficult along with the acute migraine that was not fun to treat. There has been a constant double vision which is vastly irritating because it is very hard to read... I sort of have to float over the words and assume I'm getting it right but actually reading a book is out of the question. And reading a book is something I like to do when I want to relax. But double vision and this trouble actually Focusing my eyes has made that impossible. Some parts of the day just seeing was problematic. I was talking to my spouse and looking him in the eyes thinking... 'I can't actually focus on his eyes. I just see this sort of blur of color.' Then there is this... warping effect that is not constant but as you try to focus on anything things sort of twist a bit which is what happened when I was looking at my spouse or trying to play around on the computer... so I have to keep moving my eyes and not really looking to long at anything.

Fine, I thought, time to try and control this because obviously trying to treat the migraine with a triptan didn't work. Migraine wasn't fully aborted and besides I think this is persistent migraine aura fun combined with acute migraine fun. So I put on my rose tinted prescription glasses. They have a very mild prescription I don't actually need but the eye doctor thought might help with eye strain and added anti-fatigue on there and the rose tint for photosensitvity. That did help a bit I found so because reading was still a no-go do to all the warping and inability to really focus for too long I went on the computer.... which has the Flux program that makes it light friendly for certain times of the day then I added my Irlens filter to the screen which for me is a lovely purple color and finally I could read and the screen was stable. Obviously it doesn't eliminate everything but enough that I can have some migraine distraction now that I lowered the pain level a little.

Although now that it is later in the evening the aura has changed again and I notice more that the visual snow has become far more intense and warping keeps making my eyes shift and now the vertigo has kicked in. So that is just awesome.

Not a good aura day.
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