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Day 11: Favorite iPhone apps I use for fibromyalgia and migraines :WEGO 30 posts in 30 days

Write about your favorite health iPhone app?

I did a review of free chronic pain apps and this is what I said about the one that I tend use for tracking pain that I want broken down into a report... because this has some serious reports you can break down into summaries, into daily, into sections like pain intensity and into graphs.I tend to use it for Fibromyalgia because I can pinpoint where pain is. And I can have an extra diary for migraines (as I have the paid version not the lite) as well, for a time I did, but I use a separate app for that.

Chronic pain tracker lite- I found this one to be the most precise when it came to describing pain in details. It has pain intensity, description, location and duration as well as how quickly the onset of pain occurred. One unique aspect that might be beneficial to someone with pain in different areas, such as a condition like fibromyalgia, is the pain location is on an image of a body (front and back) on which you can pain in color intensity colors where the pain is located. It also has pain triggers, effective treatments, medication tracking and other symptoms lists which are easy to modify with additions. It does have a general note section you can use. And it also has a milestone section where you can note a medication change, surgery, lifestyle change, doctor change and a note section there to specify details. The reports section can draw from each section information or a full draw down daily. One advantage to the paid version is you can have more than one pain journal stored so you could have one for migraines and another for fibromyalgia; which would have entirely different pain scales, locations and symptoms. Overall this is an effective journal that can meet most needs. The reports are through and can be broken down how you please, however, for your own tracking there is no easy to view graphs on the phone just the history view which is day by day unless you pull a partial report on just pain intensity for example and view that graph. It was the most detailed and flexible pain tracker with a great reporting system. review-of-free-chronic-pain-tracking-apps-for-the-iphone

 Now my second choice is the one I use day to day for migraines because I find it really easy to use and generally don't need to print a report for doctors. So this works fine for me. I like the goal orientated aspect of it.

Webmd pain coach- In the set up you can add your medical conditions and symptoms you want to track, which helps enable to application to provide useful information. You can use your location to track weather conditions to track weather triggers which is interesting. It also has a reminder you can set. The main journal page has a slide bar for how you feel overall. Then in the tracker you have your standard pain bar the symptoms list you provided that you wanted to track, potential triggers and treatments with a note section for extra details. Helpful tips appear at the bottom of the screen. When you tilt the screen you get your pain report information. On benefit to this application is that it is very goal orientated and so you can assign various goals, with timelines and tips to achieving them. Predesigned goal areas are food, rest, exercise, mood and treatments but you can customize your own. This is a great idea because the idea of tracking pain, symptoms and triggers is pain management. We are trying to find and utilize different tools to manage our pain that are not always dependant on medication although certainly we are watching that as well. Another interesting feature to this app is it as a library with a resource of information on the conditions you had selected as well as information on managing chronic pain. I find the report generated for the doctor is basic with a pain chart and how many bad days you had, your ‘top’ symptoms, your ‘top’ triggers’ and your ‘top treatments’. This might be sufficient but not as detailed of report options other apps provide. review-of-free-chronic-pain-tracking-apps-for-the-iphone

Write about your favorite social network. Do you love Twitter? Facebook?
Pinterest? Why?
I feel like answering the second question too. lol. I mean I live on the internet. I'm such a hermit. So lots of social networking going on. I would have to say Facebook is my current favorite because I have a Facebook Page that I can interact with a lot of people through and it automatically posts my blog posts to and automatically tweets from. I just wish I could have my tumblr posts automatically post there, but it can't be set up that way yet. The second reason I belong to numerous fibromyalgia and migraine groups and pages which is awesome and a great way to interact with others with my conditions. And I can be actively involved in some of those groups as well as my page.  It isn't just for information and connecting though there is a whole lot of support available. Also it is a great way to stay connect to family and friends I really don't see often.
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