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Day 16- Misinformation: Three truths about my migraines and one lie- can you spot the lie? WEGO 30 posts in 30 days

Tell us 3 things that are true about you, your condition, or your Health Activism. Tell us 1 lie. Will we be able to tell the difference?
Bonus points share your 3 + 1 as a poll on FB. Share the results!
I'm just going to go with freaky migraine stuff ... it was hard to choose because I have so many but lets see if you can guess which of these four is the lie. Can't make it too easy though so no talking about my auras... most people I know will get those right away and I want the poll to be at least a little challenging!
1 - I have lost consciousness from migraines before.
2 - I have had partial seizures late at night that were due to sleep deprivation during a long stretch of migraines.
3 - I've experienced partial paralysis from migraines before which can be disturbing given the increased risk of stroke with migraine with aura.
4 - My first incident from intense migraine associated vertigo was from after a plane ride and lasted more than a week of the ground falling away from my feet.
 I'll make a post regarding the results...

Answers: Most people picked 1 and one person picked 2. And the answer is in fact 3.

1- I have lost consciousness from a migraine. Blacked out. More than a few times. I'm told it is normal that the brain has an off switch when you are in too much pain and then Bam your out. Well... I say... why doesn't it do that all the freaking time them? There is little so no warning for these either. One time I was like, I feel 'odd' maybe I should sit down. I turned around took one step... and that was it. Very rare though thankfully. Only happened four times I believe.

2- My spouse picked this sure I never had any seizures and sure I never mentioned it. I was like I didn't mention that? Well... sometimes you don't mention Everything to everyone. I've blogged about it under 'Odd symptoms'. The doctor said it could not be topamax because I'd been on it about six months by then... he said therefore it must be from the sleep deprivation. I was getting a lot of migraines that were making it impossible to sleep or getting very little sleep... and then going to work anyway. So on night when I stayed up very late and went to bed as soon as I got comfortable these parial seizures would happen. Very weird but very short in duration. Perhaps they happened when I slept as well, who knows. I do know he looked no further into it. So who knows. I also do know I was on leave from work shortly after and was able to sleep when I could sleep and never had them after and I was still on topamax, so I assume he was right. But working with migraines makes me sleep deprived when they get acute... you just get little sleep and have to go to work and working does not help the migraine, so the next night can be worse.

4- Is definitely true plane rides are not fun on migraines but they also trigger some nasty vertigo and it doesn't stop right away. I kept feeling like the ground was spongy and then the ground would fall on one side and I would stumble. For weeks... on a holiday. Prior to that it was always with a migraine, or a small feeling after getting off an elevator... that feeling of still moving, or when stopped at a red light and seeing the road still moving. So the plane definitely the first MAV incident.

I put there in there because it occurs with a migraine type I don't have that can get partial paralysis with their migraines. I don't... tingling, numbness, lack of balance, and muscle weakness, yes... but not partial paralysis. It can occur in Basilar migraines though along with many symptoms.
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