Day 22: Day to day WEGO 30 posts in 30 days

Write about something ordinary that’s inspiring to you, something simple, perhaps overlooked, that fuels your activism.
Nature inspires me. Walks at night in the silence when no one is around. Walks by the lake, with just the breeze and the water. Going into the mountains and seeing how absolutely majestic it is with the mountains above and the thick forest around me. These things move my spirit and remind me that I am alive. That in that moment I can just Be. Beyond pain, and stress and obligations and social constraints and stigma. I can take in a deep breath and just relax. Know that there is more to this existence than just this illness. And it gives me the strength to carry on. All the Noise sometimes hinders things, but silence and nature soothes me. It fuels my soul and so it fuels my activism because you can't motivate yourself if you are bogged down by negativity let alone motivate others. Sometimes I think we all need to get away from everything and find someplace beautiful to just Be for a while.

Write about the things you couldn’t live without list 10 things you need or love most.
1. My common law spouse.
2. My three tubby furball cats. Frank, Bobby and Charlie.
3. Books. Many, many books. My primary source of entertainment.
4. My family.
5. The Internet for entertainment, research and connection with others

6. My computer or laptop for writing.

7. Sleep... that most elusive creature.

8. Music to sooth the soul and raise the spirits and make me boogie.

9. Medication of course. That necessary evil

10. And all the little things like ice bags and muscle creams and migraine balms.
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