Day 28: Must follow Facebook Pages: WEGO 30 posts in 30 days

Create a must follow list for your community on a single social network. Share your top 5-10
tweeters, blogs, or Facebook pages.

I'm going to stick with Facebook Pages. We already discussed resources and people we followed on twitter. People can see the people I follow on blogs here and if the go to my Tumblr the blogs I follow... all awesome for various reasons. But pages you can't see and there are some awesome ones out there.

Migraine Misfits-  Is a Facebook page where we post migraine research, resources, humor pictures, inspirations pictures. We want to promote awareness of migraines and support all those with them. I am one of a few people that do some content there, but there are a team of us.

Making Invisible Disabilities Visible This is my page so... I'm included it. My blog post automatically link to it. I also post articles of research or articles I find interesting. I add in humor pictures and inspirations pictures of course.... we all need that sort of thing. I also post my fibromyalgia articles on here. Generally I stick to topics of migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic pain in general. However, I will write about other chronic pain conditions, treatments when I come across research.

Visual Snow  Visual Snow Facebook Group... the only place of Facebook for visual snow, so it is a must follow for visual snow. And an awesome group. It is a group... but there isn't a page, so I'm adding it to the list.

Pain Puppets AnonyMooses a great page that posts articles on a variety of topics and illness.

Voices of Fibromyalgia Support page for fibromyalgia. They have a radio show as well.

Surviving Chronic Pain

Chronically Awesome Foundation A non-profit organization helping provide support and advocacy to people with chronic illness. I just landed on this one but have checked out there site and they have quite a few resources to check into and I support that sort of cause a great deal.

Fibro Fighterz A large fibromyalgia support page.

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