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Day 29: Congradulations! A little about me-ness WEGO 30 posts in 30 days

We all know Health Activists are awesome. Share three things you love about yourself, things you’re great at, or just want to share. Don’t undercut or signpost!
Huh. Hmmm. I'm pretty darn good at being modest so... there is that. I'll tell you what I like to do and you can take from that what you will! (okay after I wrote this I noticed my likes resemble my likes but there are distinct differences even if they have a similar format!)
I like fantasy fiction writing and not too many people know that I write novels and publish ebooks. I don't talk about it often and publish under the pen name Michelle Mythe. You can check out the ones I have available on Smashwords if you want in a variety of formats for Kindle, html, pdf, epub and sony. This is actually a great pain distraction for me and something I enjoy immensely. Something about the escapism I suspect since I love to read fantasy fiction as well... in fact I read so much I likely spend more on books than I do on clothes, shoes, make-up combined and tripled. And writing it I can create the world and the characters and dive right in. There are times my illness gives me inspiration in fact. And another that I am doing an online blogathon before I decide whether to publish or not, I wrote also years ago, the form of magic the main character uses is visually based on auras I see... visual snow... that can be read for free as I post on a blog designed for that purpose called The Hermit. A few novels I am working on are more inspired by chronic pain than migraine auras.  Anyway, I like self-publishing ebooks because I can control the price and if my migraine brain put in a typo that my migraine brain did not see when I edited repeatedly, spell checked and grammar checked... well then when I review it later, which I do once it is out of my mind, then if I find errors I can simply upload a new version. Usually to Smashwords first since it hits all formats and then I to my Kindle and Lulu versions when I have time.

I also have a Master is Philosophy and some people know my migraines went nuts around that time, that my FM was not treated then either, that the combo prevented me from going for my Phd... and also that when I took a year off to potentially resolve this it actually got quite a bit worse due to a job choice on my side. Such is life. Obviously though it is still something I have a strong interest in or I would not have perused it. You might see a theme starting here... but anyway sometimes I post old papers or write new ones and post them on Hub Pages. There are some older health articles there as well as I sometimes will post longer health articles there and then link them to my blog, which I have a few in process.

I also freelance write and do so regularly for for Fibromyalgia, which is important to me. It keeps me up to date on the research and gets me involved in looking into the research, new things and so forth, as well as sharing the information. Examiner gave me the opportunity to write about a topic that is very important to me and to do something I love to do which is researching and writing. I would do more freelance writing in the health area if I could find the right platform. Perhaps while I am off work I will look for more such opportunities. 

As you can see it is all about research and writing for me. Writing is how I express myself and how I engage the world. I would do it without an audience but I certainly seek connection and as well as knowledge. It is why I started blogging as a main way to express myself and connect with others. If I'm not writing here as you can see... I'm writing elsewhere about the other interests I have. I like to say those three things are separate interests but the sort of resolve around that one skill-set don't they? But fiction is creative, philosophy is abstract and theoretical and freelance writing is more factual. Also... they don't interfere with more core hermit lifestyle.

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