Day 30 Recap: WEGO last day of posting!

You made it! 30 posts in 30 days! Today, write a recap of your experience. What was your favorite prompt? Least favorite? What have you learned?
 It has been a pretty awesome experience. I have definitely made note of a few bloggers that I am now following on twitter, or their blog or on tumblr now as a result. Which is great. From the resources shared I have added to my own and that is also awesome. I think we have learned a great deal from each others experiences and shared our own stories. Made connections. Got through some interesting prompts that made me think.

I enjoyed all the Wordless Wednesdays... they were fun and interesting to do... as well as see.

My favorites were:

Day 4 Sharing Resources  I found this just very useful

Day 6 Letters I think writing to our illness is a great idea... get your rant on, or express yourself.

Day 7 Sensationalize The 'say what?' I can't believe someone said that to you? We have all had those. It was great to read other peoples.

Day 8 Animals This one was pretty creative and people chose some pretty cool choices for many reasons. A cool prompt.

Day 15 Sharing Commenting on someone else's post to show that they inspired you... I loved this one. And my post really was something that a lot of people with chronic migraines can relate to so this was a great one.

Day 18 'I take it back' This one is pretty important to me because I wrote about words my employer used that helped trigger my suicide attempt... but to me it reflects back on my volatile work situation and the stigma against chronic pain, as well of course, as the devastating impact of chronic migraines and their impact on me... and many others.

Day 20 Burnout Another great prompt because we all have felt it and tried to learn to avoid it.

Day 28 Must follow I like this one... I hope to find new people to follow as I check these out!

 Describe your HAWMC experience in one word!

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