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Day 8: the Phoenix (migraine) and the Dragon (fibromyalgia): WEGO 30 posts in 30 days HAWMC

If your health condition (or the health condition of a loved one!) was an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?
 My migraines can be represented by a Phoenix... which is often the symbol of regeneration because one phoenix rises from the ashes of the other. And it rises from the ashes and burns fiercely igniting every nerve ending in my brain, setting my entire brain on fire. A fire so strong and bright my eyes burn and can't bear sunlight or light at all. But she is said to be beautiful with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (some stories even say purple, blue or green) and she flashes it for me behind my eyes so I can see spectacular colors displayed with the burning agony and even sometimes the heat distortion. It burns and burns and burns until all thats left are ashes and empty thoughts... and an egg to hatch another migraine. You see my Phoenix is very cyclical and my migraines very chronic so she always leaves something in the ashes to bring forth another inferno. She is a mighty creature indeed.

Fibromyalgia is a big fat dragon that lives in the cave of my brain. His tail curls down my spine and his claws dig into my brain. He takes up a lot of space and that is why I have troubles remembering things. His presence causes me pain because he is so damned heavy and every little shift he makes and twitch of his tail or claws causes pain in every nerve he touches... but this is not too much for he does not stir unless he has to. He doesn't like it at all when I move about or do things because it stirs his slumber and then he will breath out fire which will ignite my nerves with a flare of pain to remind me of his presence. Other times he just gets cranky and twitches a claw in my brain and depending on where that claw lies... well I could forget what a word means, have trouble concentrating, have sudden pain in my arm. He moves that tail around and my back hurts like hell or I have trouble walking. And the bastard never lets me get any sleep, always grumbling and twitching in my brain making it impossible to fall asleep or stay asleep. But I must always be very careful around him... never want to wake him up because when he breathes fire and ignites a flare that is nasty. So nice sleeping dragon.

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