Trying to plan a short trip to the mountains... and... not so easy

We are going for a couple a days to a cabin near Jasper. Just to chill and relax. Take in the scenery. Since it is only a couple of days don't really want to do too much and the season is the time of year where there isn't too much to do.

There are things you can do when you go to the mountains that sound cool... like this canyon ice walk tour. Sounds awesome. Two hour walk time. I was thinking maybe conceivable. My spouse looks at me, shakes his head and says 'two hours? I don't think that will work.' I thought sure it would if I got to take awesome pictures. Because I have been known to walk hours and ignore the accumulating pain. Of course generally that is with breaks. And then I remembered that is My pace... not others and sometimes My pace gets substantially slower and slower which would so not work in a group situation. That could be very embarrassing. Then I remembered the whole spinal lumbar back issue and it occurred to me... two hours would be insanely hard to complete. So... I guess not. Sucks balls when you realize you would need someone skilled to take you on such a tour but unless they had a tour for really slow people and had sufficient breaks... not for your sort.

I'm thinking the gondola that takes you up to a mountain and spectacular views where you can stroll about as much as your gimpy body can allow. A nice drive about to take in some good scenery. And maybe check out one of the open trails that is said to be quite easy and I can go as far as I can... nice walk at my pace, sounds nice. Then there is a gallery in Jasper I would not mind checking out. That all sounds sufficient to me. I'm still checking the sites... because I think some of the glaciers might be worth a drive through this time of year if I plot us a course.

And now get into all the planning that needs to occur with even such a short trip.
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