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Finally found a name for that weird color thing that happened to my nailes... Terry's nails

I've been trying to figure out what the hell caused this discoloration. Thinking surely it has to be some sort of nutritional deficiency. Or lack of circulation.

THAT is what my nails look like.  All of them. Toenails included. But my big toes actually looks more bruised at the top. Weirdest thing. Not sure about the toes because not like I look at them, but the nails just happened over night. I mean they were pale all the time. And the luna part (pale arch at the nail bed) to the nail has been gone for years and years, which oddly enough if you ask people with FM who have had it a while that statistically you find is fairly common if puzzling. But the flush redness at the top was new and odd. The only reason I really noticed it I expect was because my fingers were tingling one morning and I was not sure if the peripheral neuropathy in my left had was getting worse, plus I had this lingering cold I was wondering if the asthma I was still trying to adjust my meds to might have something to do with the hand sensations. Figured the color change had something to do with that maybe. Until it stuck around. I tried to look it up but there are a lot of odd nail changes and wasn't one hundred percent sure what I was looking for... red tips? Until I found a site that described it perfectly just recently and then Google imaged it and presto. Here it is.

Except none of the things this is associated with are really all that good. Or make any sense. Or are simple as I thought it surely must be. I highly doubt I have liver failure. Yeah some medications I am on can mess with your liver but one would suspect the other symptoms of it would be a slight clue. Nevertheless one doesn't like to see that on the list given the liver does work overdrive with some of those meds. Then there is hyperthyrodism... nope, I swing the opposite way. Malnutrition... not an issue. Diabetes... I sure the hell hope not... I mean come on! Like being excessively thirsty is a symptom one could ever determine is a symptom to diagnose me with diabetes... I'm always excessively thirsty. And then congestive heart failure which I think I'm too young for but given my other health conditions and the asthma I have the most symptoms of currently, but literally I have had all the tests for that before because when I wasn't diagnosed (directly prior to pretty much) for hypothyrodism I had some crazy arrhythmias (I mean seriously nuts) and horrific chest pains and did the whole heart work up... which would have been about eight or nine or so years ago. I doubt the ticker would have crapped out in that time span. Plus don't have high blood pressure, have low blood pressure. And the only chest pains I have had recently have been angina from triptans. And shortness of breath from triptans and asthma.

Sort of a weird or what symptom right? Maybe a situation where my nails are turning so pale you can see the flush of blood at the top where you put the most pressure? Beats the hell out of me. I think I will ask my doctor about it. I did mention it to the doctor assistant chick the last time when my doc was on holidays but she had no idea... but I was pretty damn sick at the time and because I was pretty damn sick with a sinus cold that went into my lungs while my asthma was not well managed we both speculated that had something to do with it. I don't know... I thought lack of circulation could cause that... I mean the hand with nerve damage is perpetually cold, not like I could tell if it had lack of circulation. Or maybe just a medication side effect. One never knows with odd ball symptoms. Bizzaro symptoms.

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