My brain hates the sun... has to be a new persistent migraine aura

Every single time I go outside into that bright distorting sunlight I have been experiencing the same phenomena. Now, I must say that brightness is not my friend. Neither is dimness... dimness makes the visual snow much more vivid and thick. Brightness is more distorting. So the air pulses more and lines wobble and shift more. It is damned hard to focus on anything really. And within moments of being outside I get a vivid and bright aura in the center of my vision. It is roughly circular and much like most auras it does that usual rotational motion of color and distortion like a moving colorful bruise, but this one is in the core of my vision and rotates in a circle. Unlike a scintillating scotoma it isn't scintillating really... not multicolored sparkles of light. Just translucent negative bruises of blue and black and indigo light and distorting clearness.

Now I have seen the damned thing in a bright room inside but to a milder degree so maybe not sunlight induced. But it certainly becomes vivid in the sunlight and lasts longer. Or is triggered by it.

And this aura is New. It was not There a few months ago. And it is not an aura that comes before a migraine. I wish I had a nice visual migraine aura again. No, this is a New persistent migraine aura. Like I need another one of those. This is getting crazy.

I was just thinking today when I was outside trying to focus on the house across the street as the lines kept warping and my visual field would flicker and the whole damned area was pulsing that this was just too much distortions. I can't see properly. When I try to focus on one thing my eyes get worse and contort things. It isn't good at all. And that is just the baseline aura phenomena not counting this new thing that happens or all the other add ons that can happen. Or how bad the visual snow can get, which is pretty damn bad right now because I slept so little last night.
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