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Probiotics and fibromyalgia on pain and mood... interesting

 I had no idea Probiotics had so many interesting roles to play. Intriguing. I just wanted to perhaps use them to control IBS related to the FM. But, hey, pain control would also be cool. The whole gut issues can be a problem obviously and therefore things like probiotics I can see can be part of the solution to some of the problems with the whole digestive system. The whole article is worth reading but here is a good excerpt:

Animal studies have provided substantial evidence that probiotics can help reduce stress and enhance health.
Bifidobacterium  infantis and lactis have been shown in rodent studies to reduce pain and even to reduce the level of pain nerve signaling from the body to the brain.  B. lactis, moreover, reduced intestinal permeability and blood endotoxin levels.   As L. farciminis ‘abolished’ hyperalgesia (hyper-sensitive pain states) in an animal model, it reduced limbic activation (amygdala, PVN) as well.   L. paracasei‘s ability to prevent antibiotic-caused pain states without restoring Lactobacilli levels overall indicated that small changes in gut flora can have significant effects.  Not only did  L. farciminis reduce both gut permeability and endotoxin levels in one study, but it also reduced neuroinflammation
Bifidobacteria reduced cytokine levels and normalized  brain hormone levels in an animal exposed to psychological stress.  Forced exercise studies seeking to drive laboratory animals into a chronically fatigued state found that L. acidophilus reduced immobility and fatigue while reducing oxidative stress levels in the brain and TNF-a levels in the blood.
People with fibromyalgia should note that alterations in the normal gut microflora  can increase the release of  substance P, a key pain mediator in the brain. Even slight elevations of substance P in the blood are associated with increased anxiety, depression and aggression.
Research into cannabinoid effectiveness in pain relief is dismally low, but it’s clear that cannabinoid receptors affect anxiety and pain and can even limit endotoxin-produced blood-brain permeability.  That’s noteworthy given preliminary findings that probiotics appear to affect cannabinoid receptor expression.

Human Trials

In what may be of special relevance to ME/CFS/FM, L. rhamnos us IMC 501 and L. paracasei IMC 502 reduced oxidative stress associated with intense physical activity.  A psychological stress test found that women taking probiotics had reduced ‘emotional arousal’ and reduced activity in their insula, a part of the brain implicated in ME/CFS/FM.
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