Trying to make things to drink...Is there such a thing as lemon posioning? Guess I'll find out.

So in my quest to find alternatives to decaffeinated diet coke to drink that do not have aspartame in them and also no sugar... I am looking to make things with stevia. Now the reason I avoid sugar is simply because it makes me ill and extremely nauseous. It has been really hard to find things to drink as an alternative. I end up going with tart things most of the time. But I really like the taste of diet coke so I seriously need alternatives. But while I like the concept of smoothies... I'm not going to be making smoothies all day. I'm just not. And, hell, I'm not even going to be buying all the ingredients to make smoothies to even satisfy my Thirst. So I need quick easy alternatives. And I have been hunting easy ones down. The two easiest seem to be lemonade and Ice Tea. Or flavored water... but haven't tried those yet.

So this is the sugar substitute I have chosen. I read somewhere that some stevia products can have a bitter metallic aftertaste depending on how they are processed from the plant... as in what part of the plant and whether they sort of reduce it. And I'm all good with this since actually I think diet coke has a bitter metallic aftertaste and likely why I like it... I gag on the taste of regular pop (can I have some sugar with my sugar, please? Bleh.) I have no clue if it has all these benefits... especially if the product is one that has taken just the 'sweet' parts of the plant out, because maybe the benefits come from the rest of the plant... we sure do know how to ruin a good thing after all. However, I am told... better than aspartame and splenda so I'll give it a go.

So my mom taught me how to make lemonade. And honestly I had no idea it was that easy to make.

1) one lemon... squeezed the crap out of.
2) one bottle of water... for me not all of it, but I just drink the remainder. Just add to taste really and I like mine strong. (obviously you can use tap water I just don't because I don't like the taste and I avoid it due to having hypothyroidism and avoiding too much fluoride.)
3) add sugar, or in my case stevia, one wee little packet... which is the equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar.

And Yum.

Then I Googled how to make Ice tea which by the way there are more than one so I just chose one and I think next time I will go stronger.

1) boil 4 cups of water with 4 tea bags (decaffeinated Earl Grey for me) and steep for max 5 min
2) add for 4 cups of water with 1 cup of sugar... now this seemed an insane amount of sugar to me. Seriously. So I went with a half a cup and started filling it with stevia, I got to maybe a quarter of that and went 'that seems like an awful lot' and used that. So... I guess it is entirely up to the person. Seemed fine to me.
3) I squeezed half a lemon in there as well because I like lemon in my tea.
4) add the tea mix to the water and Viola Ice tea once you cool it down anyway.

I think I will go six cups of tea and two cups of water next time though. Anyway, tastes sweet enough to me and anyone could add sugar after anyway. I'll have to play around with methods and flavors I guess.

I look impressed with myself. eh? Well... here is to peeing all day!

Anyway both of these are easy to make and Not sweet. Lot of lemons though. Maybe lemon overdose. But lemons are good for ya anyway, right? Any decreasing my aspartame which is also good.
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