Visual Snow: What is visual snow?

People often ask me about visual snow and so I have written an article (Visual Snow: What is this neurological disorder all about? about it to clarify what it is because it is a distinct phenomena from a migraine aura. Now many people, including myself, when I first was told what visual snow was I was told it was part of my persistent migraine aura. My neurologist simply said I have a persistent migraine aura and visual snow is a symptom of that. However, it isn't as simple as all that because visual snow doesn't behave like a migraine aura at all. When researchers did scans of the brain it didn't show as migraine aura like in the least. And while it occurs very often in people with migraines... it occurs in people with migraines with aura and migraines Without aura. So clearly it is something else entirely.

Now the reason someone can see a migraine aura is because seeing is more than the eye, it is the eyes and the brain. And visual snow seems to be a malfunction in the brain where information being processed in not filtering all the visual information received properly and so we see this visual static that other people do not. No idea what is actually going on, but that is how I think about it. Either way, we see this static in the visual field of black and white dots over the entire field moving all the time, which gets more vivid and thick in dim and dark environments.
Eye on Vision
Now people with visual snow often have other symptoms that come with it. Things like photophobia, and halos, and starbursts, and see more floaters than normal, more blue field phenomenon than normal (sparkles in the sky)... even when they just have visual snow and have never had a migraine. And indeed I have many symptoms of visual snow and it is hard to say which are persistent migraine and which are visual snow symptoms so generally I assume they are due to visual snow and only the ones not associated with it persistent migraine... even if they all are lumped under the same category often by neurologists.

So here is the article I wrote and maybe I will add to it the more resources I get, but it helps explain what Visual Snow is: Visual Snow: What is this neurological disorder all about?
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