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Migraine Awareness Month #11 :Twilight:

Twilight: : What power of a vampire or werewolf would you like to have to cope with Migraine or another Headache Disorder? 

Clearly we must understand being a vampire or a werewolf is a poorly understood mythical disability itself. One really doesn't want to be unable to go into the sunlight lest they bust into flames and be dependant on the lifeblood of humans (ewww) or never, ever have garlic again. And one also doesn't want to have to turn into a wolf or wolfman (or wolfwoman) every full moon and not remember breaking free of the chains you locked yourself down with and accidently eating the neighboors poodle... or worse. But, yes, I can see how having some of the abilities without the downfalls, or 'curse', would be beneficial to chronic migraines.

Well I would not require the werewolves heightened sense of smell since I already have that and lets just say That isn't awesome. Migraines seem to give you this super power and it is the worst super power ever. I can smell your perfume from a block away... that might tell you a little something about your perfume choice or the amount you use or both.

A vampires speed would be nice since driving with vertigo is an issue. I suspect I would still give myself vertigo, but not while driving a a vehicle around other vehicles and still able to get places, so that would be cool. Or flying... would also be cool. Look its a plane, no a bird, no its just Nikki with massive bat wings. OMG she has vertigo... everyone duck!

I already have one of the vampires flaws... that of extreme photosensitivity but unlike him I don't spontaneously combust when I go outside. But I am also quite nocturnal. You know I wouldn't mind if I were like them... at least I would have a verifiable medical reason not to go outside: Will Burst Into Flames on Exposure to Sunlight. And therefore I could just be nocturnal for a reason and live in my nice light proof house. I would like their ability to see in the dark though. I can see very well in dim light... which I prove by being able to read better in dim light than in bright evil light conditions. Too many of my persistent migraine auras love to distort light such that light is its playground and it is harder to see or read for example. But obviously my eyes are dependent on some light... so seeing in near pitch black would be Awesomeness. Assuming no one wants to make me a vampire and cure my migraines. No? Well fine then.

And I would also like the ability to shapeshift that a werewolf has... without all the dependance on the moon or having to be a wolf. No, I think, I would like to shapeshift into a lazy house-cat. And when I have a migraine instead I would like to shapeshift into a cat and the shift... as all us fantasy fiction readers will know... will repair all my physical damage, ergo, abort my migraine better than any abortive, and I will laze around as a cat for a while... take a long nap. Shift back later and be all good. I may not be able to cure my migraines but spending time as a lazy cat every time one afflicts me would be a good life it seems to me. Pet me. Pet me. Now feed me. Now let me outside for ten minutes exactly to bask in the sun. Now back inside. Now I'll try to trip you for my amusement. I'll go do some window watching for twenty minutes then take a nap for four hours before pestering you for food once more. Then pet me, pet me, pet me.

June 2013, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, is dedicated to Unmasking the Mystery of Chronic Headache Disorders. The 2013 Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is a project of

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