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Migraine Awareness Month #2: X-Men: Migraine & Headache Disorders Super Heroes:

X-Men: Migraine and Headache Disorders Super Heroes:  Who in your life goes above the call of duty and how?

In my personal life, in the real world (as in not online which eliminates most of the people I associate with regularly) I would have to say my mother definitely goes beyond the call of duty. My mother and my common-law spouse are my support system. They are the two people who have my back. When things get tough and I know I cannot depend on any other... I can depend on them. When I know others do not get my chronic pain... I know they do.

My mom however has been there since I was a child not diagnosed with a thing trying to figure out what was going on with me. Even before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and it was clear I had it, she was the one paying attention to things that might help. Herbal treatments for sleep for example. And even when I was diagnosed I was told I was too young for medication and so the fact she was there for support and ideas really helped me cope with the condition. A lot of people get skepticism from their family and no support at all.

She has a great ability to listen to what I am really saying and provide useful advice from that. I can express my extreme frustration with the treatment I was getting from my doctor and she would insist I not tolerate it... even though I am so passive that is my inclination. You just learn to put up with that sort of thing with FM that it carries forward with chronic migraines such that I just figure all I really need him for is refills, right? She persisted that I find a new one, there being a doctor shortage, she suggested I try to see my common-law spouses' who although isn't taking new patients might take me on because we are technically family. And she was right and it was a very good change. She encourages and motivates me into the right direction because often I am hesitant with change. She has helped me deal with my work situation. Helped me understand that I needed to try to go on long term leave. Helped me understand it was necessary. Helped me think about my options... either going on partial disability, working part time, working from home... although I still worry a great deal about this and financial stability.

She has recommended many vitamins and herbal supplements to me for various reasons. The most recent ones I am trying out and like are Ginkgo ... which is helping my insane tinnitus. And a probiotic pill which is helping my IBS-D which is a FM symptoms... but Also unfortunately a migraine symptom and that is not a good combo. The IBS is difficult to treat and doctors, or the one I had anyway, just ignore it but you can get pretty ill pretty fast because of it... sometimes there is no way in hell you can drink enough water fast enough to keep up with how sick you can get. The pill is stronger than yogurt and the only thing I have ever tried that has ever worked... and it has the added bonus of hopefully making me able to take magnesium and other things that have previously upset my digestive system to much to even contemplate.

And I am not much of a health nut... I don't spend much time in the kitchen. I have to follow a simple recipe explicitly to cook anything. So if it isn't simple... I'm not doing it. But I do like to try and do small improvements to my health and my mom is very supportive of these things. And she always will recommend ideas to encourage my little quests for improvement to motivate me. Like my quest to reduce aspartame by reducing my diet coke fixation, which is difficult because most drinks with sugar make me sick to my stomach. She recommended stevia as a sugar supplement we made lemonade together as that is nice and tart.

Also, because of the chronic migraines and more specifically the migraine associated vertigo I have not been driving lately and my mom has been driving me to all my appointments or just to get out of the house. I say I can potentially drive by my spouse is pretty adamant on the no driving thing and really it does make for one hell of a migraine... not to mention the persistent migraine auras and triggering the vertigo so I suppose he has the right of it because I tend to regret the venture shortly after leaving. Moot point since I killed my car by lack of driving it.

My mom listens, gives me useful advice, encourages, motivates, helps me out and is generally the most supportive person to a chronically ill person I can think of. She never criticizes or makes me feel guilty for being ill or tries to 'fix me' or even fix my problems per sa... but she certainly does motivate me to find the best solutions to the problems I have and alternative treatments and stand up for my rights and help me cope.
my mom

June 2013, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, is dedicated to Unmasking the Mystery of Chronic Headache Disorders. The 2013 Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is a project of

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