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Migraine Awareness Month #28 Saturday Night Live: How does humor help you cope?

Saturday Night Live: How does humor help you cope?

Humor is one of the main ways I cope. The facade I used to function at work utilized humor because if I can joke and laugh with others it makes me feel a bit better. Makes them feel better. And we all feel better together. Laughing and dancing. Oh the joyness of it all.

Okay maybe not that but laughter makes me feel a bit better. I crack a joke. I act like a goofball. I do a little goofy dance in the car to make my spouse laugh at me. I enjoy things that make me laugh and I enjoy making other people laugh around me. I like to watch movies and shows that make me laugh and to be around people who can make me laugh. I laugh and laugh so that I don't cry... wait, yeah, that is about it.

I think it is likely an underestimated coping mechanism since we all use it so much and yet don't realize the impact on mood that a smile and a laugh can do. Or maybe we do and that is why it is so important.

A tad frustrating when people assume when you laugh and smile that means 'poof' you are better or magically you are no longer in pain. Do they think we should be miserable all the time? That we deserve to be? Or that they believe they would be in our shoes?

I am widely known for my giggle. I think it is a womanly chuckle. But I have been repeatedly told it is a giggle. 'Oh I knew you were here... I heard a Nikki giggle.' Ah. Yes. How I make an entrance. Several people know I am in the building because of my giggle. It is an awesome laugh though. Couldn't change it if I wanted to. And I have been told a few times that I sort of have a nervous giggle or make jokes about things about my health that should not be funny... well, sort of is... gallows humor I guess and those are sort of bad pain days or when people insist on discussing things that are not actually funny and I'm trying to lighten the mood by brushing it off. But most days I would rather laugh about Other things... anything really. Anything at all. And you know really bad pain days when I don't have a giggle to my name. Sadly. Lost my giggle.

I have always been an introspective introverted person. It was really coping with pain that brought out that inner goofball. Found that sarcasm rather was worse for coping and just permitted myself to find the humor in life. Gave myself permission to act goofy if I wanted to. Laugh when I felt like it. Be around people that made me want to be free to laugh. And I coped far better I found when I let my inner goofball out to play once in a while. Definitely isn't always sufficient... because the Joker is also a fine facade. See me Smile and Laugh? Smoke and mirrors. But laughter is certainly something I would rather encourage in my life for sure.

Here are some of the Somecards I have made to spread my weird sense of health humor.

June 2013, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, is dedicated to Unmasking the Mystery of Chronic Headache Disorders. The 2013 Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is a project of

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