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Migraine Awareness Month #6: Premonition: Where would you like to see treatment options for Migraine and Headache Disorders go in the future?

6. Premonition: Where would you like to see treatment options for Migraine and Headache Disorders go in the future?

I would like to see a cure. Hahahahaha. I think I just laughed myself into a migraine. Sorry that was just a bit of insane wishful thinking I had for a moment there. Like bionic brains... that would be cool.

I live in western Canada so I think my desires will differ from others. For example I rarely see a neurologist. It is sort every couple of years sort of thing which makes it difficult as you can imagine when you have chronic migraines with no effective preventative and trying to get to a goal of some preventative that does something. Sometimes when I was working and expressed my desperation at the lack of pain management I would see a neuro once a year... because it takes a while to get in to see them. I am talking a general neurologist here. Not a migraine specialist. I know they exist in theory but there are none here that I know of. I do know there is a headache clinic in a city about four hours away with an insanely long waiting list... but their treatment program sounds awesome. I also know of pain clinics as there are two in the nearest city to me and in all the years I have had chronic migraines I have never been sent to one and in fact was told it would not be suitable for migraines once... but my new doctor is sending me to one as I also have fibromyalgia and she believes the two makes the situation complex... but there is a long waiting list. I am also on a waiting list to see a new neurologist. So... it is difficult to make progress. If you want to see a new neurologist because the one you have been seeing just isn't working for you, or the one you are seeing just ran out of ideas, then there is a wait for it and you have no idea if that neurologist will have any more than a basic understanding of migraines.

So clearly I would want to see actual migraine specialists. I would like there to be migraine specialists available to see around here. Or at the very least for neurologists to have more training on migraine treatment since most of them see the bulk of migraine patients... that just makes sense really doesn't it? But I would actually like to have treatment from an actual migraine specialist who has in-depth knowledge of migraines and treats just headache disorders. I would also like to see something like that Headache Clinic closer to me and if they had another one maybe it would not have such a long waiting list... it is designed like a pain clinic for headaches. So multidisciplinary approach, with everybody in one place, programs for patients to get involved it... all there. And that would be pretty damn awesome. Because while I think more trained neurologists is important I also think it is pretty important that we have available more flexible treatments, more extensive treatments, more multidisciplinary treatments... not just one line of that. Not just medications. Not just 'change your lifestyle and clearly if you fail that is on You not Me' mentality when preventatives seem to be not working... I think having the tools available to help us along would be pretty cool. In other words more pain management ... because lets face it some of us spend years and years and years looking for that perfect preventative combo that works just a little bit. Is it so much to ask that while we are waiting for that we can have a little help with pain management? It is sadly lacking. Doctors knowledge of pain management is very lacking unfortunately and I would Love to see them have more training in knowledge of migraines as well as an understanding of chronic pain and ways to help chronic pain patients.

  June 2013, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, is dedicated to Unmasking the Mystery of Chronic Headache Disorders. The 2013 Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is a project of

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