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Non-invasive non-drug no surgery treatment for nerve types of pain

The set up reminds me of the physiotherapy treatment the give you went you are injured... hook you up and run a current through you and tell you to crank it up slowly as you tolerate the current more... still do not quite get how that was helpful but I did rather have problems with some injuries and sprains when I was younger, although in One case a severe sprain the doc said if I had not been so flexible I could have broken some of the small bones in my foot... granted had I not been so flexible I would not have been able to fold my foot in half and step on it so badly as to sprain it so severely in the first place. Still find that hilarious, although it was a nasty one for sure. Anyway.... this hook up here looks to be good for neuropathic pain, RSD pain, nerve pain from shingles and other nerve pain related conditions.
It's now going through multiple tests at medical centers and pain centers around the country. Unlike traditional electrical devices, Calmare administers 16 different algorithm signals in three second intervals. Though it hasn't been proven yet, researchers believe the stimulation may be altering the brain's interpretation of the pain signal— changing it to a no-pain signal. According the Dr. Erick Bingham at Utah Valley Pain Relief, "it gives people another option which doesn't have any side effects," said Dr. Erick Bingham from Utah Valley Pain Relief. " While there are theories, we don't necessarily know how it works or why it works, but it does."...In a Johns Hopkins study, patients with post-shingles pain experienced a 95 percent average reduction in pain. Researchers continue documenting dramatic results as studies enlarge into wider population of pain victims.
In some cases it isn't getting rid of the pain but pretty dramatically reducing the pain levels... and when it comes to pain that means dramatically reducing the effects on mobility and quality of life.
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