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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Small-fiber polyneuropathy found in fibromyalgia patients

Small-fiber polyneuropathy found in fibromyalgia patients 

This study amazed me. There was the one Study suggests FM pain is caused by small fiber neuropathy and that one was freaking amazing I thought. This one though found a high percentage of people under the classification of actually having small fiber polyneuropathy Rather than fibromyalgia... and SFPN is caused by an underlying condition which obviously should be treated like diabetes, pre-diabetes or an auto-immune condition. We are talking large numbers. I just wonder if the study was larger if the numbers would still reflect that. Either way the potential of people being misdiagnosed here is Large considering we are Never looked at for this. Frankly I find this a little bit disturbing to be honest.

Now one of the researchers on this study also did studies on children with chronic pain... and found many of them, many of which also diagnosed with FM or not diagnosed also had SFPN so for people who have had FM for a long time... this also fits here. And she looked at children because a lot of causes for SFPN do not fit for children as they do for adults so it is interesting in this case because we are looking more autoimmune or other things... narrows it down anyway. So if you want to look at what I found there but didn't put into my article here are a few links...

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