Study Results regarding Cardiovascular Contraindications to Triptans

I love knowing I am regularly taking a medication I should not be. Just Awesome. In my case angina, which was why I was taken off Imitex shots and all triptans by one doctor... and then another put me back on them because, hey, what is a little heart issue when compared to say the extreme risk to how he is perceived when prescribing pain killers, right? And in my defense I stopped seeing the other doctor because her alternative was anti-inflamatories which caused some damage and I can no longer take them ever, so wasn't pleased about that and so when this other dude put me back on the triptans... well a gal has to work somehow right? Nevertheless not an awesome side effect.

"The triptan drug class, which includes agents such as sumatriptan and rizatriptan, is the most widely prescribed drug class for the treatment of acute migraine. However, because triptans constrict blood vessels, they are contraindicated in patients with cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or peripheral vascular disease.
In addition, the FDA recommends that migraine patients with CVD risk factors (e.g., hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, smoker, obesity, diabetes, strong family history of coronary artery disease, women with surgical or physiological menopause, men over 40 years of age) should be evaluated for silent myocardial ischemia before receiving a triptan, and in some cases, have their first dose administered in a medically supervised setting.
In order to determine the scope of individuals with episodic migraine (EM) for whom triptans are contraindicated, investigators examined the prevalence of these conditions by evaluating 6,723 people with EM obtained by screening a representative sample of over 160,000 Americans in the American Migraine Prevention and Prevalence (AMPP) Study database" (Wall Street Journal

Results indicate that a substantial proportion of persons with EM also have cardiovascular events, cardiovascular disease (CVD), or CVD risk factors. The study showed that:
   -- 18.4% of episodic migraineurs had a contraindication to triptan use based 
      on a history of at least one cardiovascular event including: heart attack, 
      stroke, claudication, or angina, or procedure such as stenting or bypass 
   -- Rates of a history of at least one cardiovascular event or procedure 
      increased with age from 11% of those younger than 40, to 18.7% of those 
      age 40-59 to 33.6% for those 60 and older. 
   -- Rates were slightly higher in males compared to females across the 
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