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Dyed my hair and also I need a keeper

I dyed my hair today... and it took a long time to choose This day. I had to choose a day where I did not wake up with a migraine and also was not cooking hot such that the smell of the stuff would make me want to vomit off the get go. Unfortunately it is a migraine trigger so it isn't a fun venture. But I got it done. Takes too boxes at the length and thickness I have going on right now. But I just don't want to get it cut. Well I really do... it is too damn hot to have it this long but I don't want to Pay to have it cut. And I have the two boxes handy... so there you go. However, migraines being such as they are and my gimpy hand being such as it is... I never seem to do a good job a dying my hair. I mean the pictures look fine but a close inspection and there are some interesting highlights of my own color in there which is brown and, er, white... I'm just going to pretend that was intentional and leave it at that.
Nice side view here to see how damn long it is.

It is almost dry here and it is a sort of a auburn color.
 Anyway the dye did trigger a migraine but I was on my way to one anyway... but the smell of the stuff Lingers forever. So that was not fun all day on the stomach. Or now. Even though I washed the hell out of it and had a shower.

So I also had an appointment with a nurse for my depo shot that I decided on a whim to drive myself to... which I decided to do because I need my mom to drive me to my doc to pay for a form crap and don't want to abuse the fact I need someone to drive me Everywhere. And this is in town, so i thought I can do this, right? Sometimes you forget how much it sucks to drive with a migraine. I drove fine, aside from the fact the vertigo did kick in and it made things a little wonky.

I get there I go in and the nurse calls me and asks for the depo vial. Well... because I had a migraine and was all spiny I forgot I Needed to get that first. Totally zoned right out. So I say, I will be Right back. I go over to the pharmacy, which thankfully is right in the same wee mall and order the damn depo. While I am waiting I realize that nice short drive really had kicked in the vertigo because I cannot even stand without jerking every couple of seconds as the ground lurches, like I am drunk. Not extreme thankfully, like the ground is falling away from me... but like it is unstable and I need to adjust every second. I didn't like that for sure because forgetting the depo and then the whole vertigo thing And the migraine really kicking in all signs I really need to get home.

I get the depo go back and get my shot. I get back in my car and drive back home and this migraine is really making itself known now. It really does not like the whole motion thing at all. I get to my driveway and have to back in. Not all the way... because I have hit the house before so my spouse drives it back for me, but part of the way. I realize I can't seem to do this. I keep going at the wrong angle, or can't determine how close I am to our lawn or the neighbours driveway and keep adjusting and then keep going at the wrong angle... did this at least fifteen times. Finally I get out and realize I am completely in our driveway so it was just my perception, but at least I got it straight.

I go to the front of the house and turn the knob.

It is locked. Of course it is. I came out the back. I get my key out to unlock it.

It doesn't fit in the lock. This puzzles me a great deal. So I keep trying.

I realize that isn't my house key. I look at the key closely. I have No idea what that key is actually for. I recognize it. Have no idea what it is for.

Fine. I go in the back door, which I should have in the first place. And take my migraine abortive.

End of story. And this is clearly why I need a keeper. And why I should not drive. The migraine, the auras and the vertigo all kick in and my brain shuts down... I get confused about space and then just confused. I have no idea why keys and locks puzzle me so or why I keep trying the wrong key in the same lock, but I have done this before. I'm still not sure what that key is for to be honest.. my spouse thinks it might be a work key, in which case I should not even have it.
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