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This is my migraine with aura self-portrait. Yeah, fun with camera day.

Visual auras are an amazing, fantastic, insane and distorting phenomena that I wish I could capture with a camera. I get so many of them that it would be awesome if I could take a snapshot of each one and say... this is what I tend to get.  And then even the random spectacularly weird ones because they are so random and spectacular.

I do get the Visual snow...
That is a 24/7 sort of thing... that gets worse at night or poor lighting and definitely with lack of sleep.

And visual snow often comes with these sorts of things:

This picture is a combo... floaters, which everybody is likely familiar with but people with VS seem to statistically get a lot of, which is odd since it is an eye phenomena and not neurological. I get them for sure but have no idea if it is more than usual... I just ignore the damn things. The second one are those bright specs of light that dance in the blue sky, or a white wall, or white anything... and it is also a phenomena some people can see but it is quite vibrant in people with VS... so billions of bright tiny specs of light. It is weird I will say that, but also an eye thing called blue field entoptic phenomenon.

This is a good picture to give an example of what someone who sees Halos would see on any light source, including the moon... or if they are inside a bright window, or at night all signs and headlights and so forth. All sources of light have this fuzzy halo. It actually would make the edges of the moon indistict and anything in front of it or around it, and it can be hazier. Anyway this is fairly common with people with VS, not everyone but some... also a persistent migraine aura. This is a frequent persistent migraine aura of mine. If I get it, it will stick around all day, maybe two days. 

Another common VS effect is startburts... this stretching out of light... so often with headlights and streetlights and so forth. I get this a lot at night, often with halos. 

A very common VS effect is Trailers... this echo of motion. They can be short or long echos too. And I can actually get them in color, although generally they are like most auras and are negative or positive echos of images. I get them in blue for some reason a lot of the time. Ghosting seems to be similar but not quite... since it is your whole damn visual field that echoes... so when you look away the whole room will echo, or for me it does. Whereas with a trailer it is actual movement in a stationary enviroment.

I get some other distortions that I believe are related to the VS but I'm not sure. One is this heatwave effect... so like the distortion you would see with heat but your whole vision does it. Or your vision flickers. Or blinks out momentarily. Those are fairly rare and when the VS is bad so that is why I believe there is a correlation there. Another is a pulsing in the air... particularly bad in bright environments... I can see the air moving and pulsing with bright shades of white usually but sometimes other colors and this I assume is a persistent migraine aura, and a common one.

Now... actual auras... like scintillating scotomas can happen before a migraine or just randomly or when i go out into a bright sunlight enviroment. They can be the sort that is in one eye progresses over the hour slowly and takes over the vision bit by bit and then passes. Or just a bright arch of scintillations... lots of multicolored sparkles that stays there for quite some time in both eyes. Or it can be a bright vortex in the middle of my vision the starts small and expands and contorts... generally in whites and blues, like a bruise I guess. So here are some examples of that sort of aura.

   Post : scintillating scotoma migraineauras Videos Check out this post to see some videos on this aura.

And last but not least would be the fact that I have an aura... or issue with my persistent migraine auras where I look at an object and the straight lines warp and twist.  So the line of a door wobbles... looks like it is moving if I'm not looking at it directly... so when I do look at it, then I see that the line of the door is just not staying straight. Same with books and shelves. Lines and patterns. They all twist and wobble. Obviously made worse by the VS, which is this static of dots which always move in the background or that pulsing in the air which is also creating movement... so focusing on things with this additional contortion just makes it worse... in fact my eyes don't Want to focus on things when they are that bad, they shift away, or unfocus or can't focus right. Or the object seems to shimmer or warp more.

So there are a lot of visual phenomena possible with visual snow and persistent migraine auras. Not even sure I covered all the ones I get because there are so damn many, but I think I got the basics down anyway and some of the distorting ones. It can obviously cause issues with visual acuity in bright environments and dark ones.

Also I should mention vertigo can be an added complication into this mix. You can perceive vertigo. For example when you are driving and stop... you may perceive motion still on the road... like the road is still moving. You may get out of the car and still see the sidewalk moving. It may begin to distort you perception of space... making things feel closer or farther than they should be, or Too 3D. It may make it hard to track motion with your eyes, giving it an almost trailer feel because your eyes are not tracking right. And there is this thing I get where an aura mixes with the vertigo... so traveling on the highway and stop... and I see billions of particles flying past the window like I'm going at warp speed through space, weirdest damn thing... like I am seeing my feeling of vertigo.

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