Personal concerns about this nerve damage spreading: #peripheral #neruopathy

There is a lot I do not understand about the nerve damage in my hands. Like what caused it. It is possible I had a stroke in my sleep given I had a status migraine at the time and that is obviously worrisome to me. Given I get status migraines and now I worry about how to abort them when the ER cannot, with there lets just give toradol to everyone even status migraine patients even though it doesn't work even if it has nasty side effects. So what to do right? Freaks me out.+

Aside from that is the damage done already. I assumed it would just stay that way. And it sucks as it is. That glove like feeling of numbness. That prickly pain. That inability to feel texture. The lack of dexterity. My pinkie on the right hand can't move right at all and the others are slow and cumbersome. And it hurts to use them too much. And sometimes it just hurts like hell for no reason, deep in side a ache and like the nerve are on fire. And extremely temperature sensitive for sure.

But the left side isn't bad at all. It is just temperature sensitive. But at times I feel numbness on the tips of other fingres and worry it is spreading again.

Anyway, besides the stroke theory the other theory was the status migraine caused it itself. That I have a persistent migraine aura that keeps me always in a heightened brain state and then a status migraine makes it worse and that can happen. So... can it happen again. Can it get worse.

And... it has. I did have a wicked three day long migraine. And like an idiot I washed the dishes without gloves and it hurt like hell, but I tried to use only the left hand in the water. And fine. But the right hand hurt, and was extremely sensitive for days. Then spontaneously the top of my hand got this very sensitive pain, like a sunburn pain... then it spread to the wrist, then up the arm, then to the elbow and then to the upper arm. So now the whole arm in this straight line feels like the skin is raw and painful to the touch. That can't be from the dishes adventure, it was after, and way above where the water was. What the hell I think to myself? Is this normal? Does this pain normally spread? Was it the shock from the water? Was it the bloody migraine again? Should I be worried? Should I go to the doctor? I have no clue because I have no clue what is normal and what isn't normal when it comes to peripheral neuropathy? Does it spread? I don't know. If it does should you seek medical attention like they can do something? Or can nothing be done?

So i wait for my doctors appointment... which isn't even about this with lots of questions about what happened here. Why this pain spread. Why it continues to hurt. What to do about it. And why my hand hurts more and is less functional.

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