Sort of an interesting #doctors appointment... bone density to colonoscopy

First of all I had gone and had a bone density test because I am on depo prevara shots for the mentrual migraines and apparently over time that can affect bone density. So she had me get a baseline. Then I get this call. You know the one. Doctor wants you to come in to talk about your test results. Well I have had wicked migraines due to the weather so it took them a week to get a hold of me and I was like 'What test results?' I didn't remember going in for something that I might expect any sort of call about at all. Certainly not that so when she reminded me I was like 'Oh crap'. The receptionist goes 'I can't read what it says you have to speak with the doctor.' I know not to freak out about test results but I also know if they ask you to come in it isn't Good and bone density generally means lack there of. And I was right. But not like insanely low. Just statistically low for my age, which given my age, is a little abnormal. Maybe due to the medications I am on. Which she says may affect my ability to remain on the depo prevara long term which obviously sucks. And clearly means keeping up with the vitamin D and calcium thing she recommended last time. So I hate the sun and milk. So that was... unexpected. But I have yet to fall down and break a hip.

So then I bring up the fact that I can't seem to get my freaking insurance company to process their idiotic new form on triptan policy so I keep getting charged for triptans I really cannot afford. And since it keeps getting filled out wrong, and I don't know how this happens, it is a simple form, but I was rushed last time and asked that she sign it at the end of our appointment and likely I missed something... as I said bad migraine zone. And I could not find the form on their site now to get a new one to fill out. Found where it is Supposed to be. Know where it is supposed to be. It isn't there. So I said can you please prescribed me caffergot, an ergotamine which is okay by these new rules so I can have some sort of abortive. She was cool with that. Gave me a script for both. So if I can get this sorted out I can switch. If I can. So That issue temporarily resolved.

Then I brought up this issue I have with IBS. That it is worse lately with the pain. And also that I have had severe attacks. It is sometimes severe, don't get me wrong. I get a lot of severeness. But the severe attacks are the ones with severe cramping and those ones are the ones that cause the clamminess, the shaking, and the blacking out. And I said even if I force myself to stop and get up I may pass out. And sometimes throw up. And then start over. But even after that either almost passing out or passing out I feel absolutely crappy for the rest of the day... sometimes severely dizzy when I get up. I just wanted to mention that. And ask about whether there was a way to treat those ones.

And she says are you always on the diarrhea side? Yep I say, unless I try to treat it, then I may get constipation which causes severe cramping until it the diarrhea comes back. She asked how I treated it and I mentioned all the tricks I tried. Other than the yogurt and fiber thing, which helped a bit but didn't treat the attacks so not sure that counts, just helped the constant diarrhea issues somewhat, unless I had a migraine.

Then she says How do you know you have IBS. And I thought to myself good question. I said they did that test with the horrible chaulk milkshake twice, two different doctors, and I have FM and so they said it was IBS. Case closed. Fits in the FM box like they always do.

She said that test isn't enough. We need to eliminate other causes. Like parasites (lovely though) and Chrons disease and Ulcerative Colitis and Celiac disease. Some of which could be causing the bone density lose because I'm not getting any nutritional value.

You see that is a good doctor. She listens. Asks additional questions. Listens to your answers. Realizes no one has done anything about this and I have had it for years and has gotten worse after the whole NSAIDs incidents. And so she does what should have been done years go. Eliminates other possibilities. It likely isn't those things... but what if it was? In some cases patients might very well have such symptoms and it might be those things, that is why you check them. That is why even though this doctor has moved into this city my spouse and i have followed her... good doctors are a rare thing.

One problem. One Big problem. To test for these conditions ... a colonoscopy. My spouse had to go though all these tests himself. He had IBS diagnosis himself. IBS-C though, so the opposite of me. And he had to do it. And then he had an additional test down the throat. And another colonoscopy. To find that he in fact has gastroparesis. Same doctor by the way. His other doctor prior gave him T3s for his abdominal pains... and I said that is going to constipate you and you will be in More pain. Even I Know that. So he went to her, and she said the same thing and finally after having this horrible pain of his for years got the right diagnosis and is being properly treated for it. And now... I must endure this test myself.

I'm sorry but I don't want anyone looking at my but let alone sticking something up there. It is My butt. Not for public viewing. I don't care if I am conscious or not. I'm going to wake up and go 'I've been violated!' I will. I swear I will. No matter how unpleasant I'll do it because I agree those things should have been eliminated a long time ago. Plus the damage the NSAIDs did...I wonder if that ever really healed right since I cannot take them at all still. So we will see what they, er, see up my butt button.

You know you have a good doctor when you just mention something for the record. Just wanted to ask about that passing out thing and maybe what to do about it. And she thoroughly investigates the issue. I did not anticipate walking out of there with that test. I made a frowny face at my spouse at which he laughed and laughed.

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